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what do you think of these baby names?

i'm only 12 weeks or so but already starting to think of baby names.

bella mnagniam (pronounced NAN-yam)

summer rayne

blu risktaka

mariã ferreira

april showerz ("showerz" was actually my grandmas maiden name!! she was yiddish)

may flowerz (lol, i just think this is unique and cool ! )

simba koinonia

paideia grudl

traudl junge

pinnk sunshine

stella flair (my cousins nickname! lol love it)

le'tammy hillrayne

trendi spice

edbella jakeblack cullswannen

lorraine delarouge le'tammy

baybi kaykz

swety larue le'tammy

christine melanie

millva nabanzx

lagrima dolores

olga whiteflower (olga = my moms name, whiteflower = my dead baby sister's middle name)

midgey bernardine

ingrid gamma

g'nae hoytu

dabba lenore

heather mckee

lena starflowr

gabby michelle

xoxchitla xulellag

seþi s'baschen

dnaenae shaniqua (okay j/k with that one :P )

avogadro habashada

mixtue wama'alanea

deskek renee michelle

sdeffanea gabbreaell (stephanie gabriel lol)

guinevere winthrop

djenivver matchelle

i just scribbled these down on paper and i like lots of them so one of them will probably be the babys name. i'm so excited!

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    I would go with Olga Whiteflower, because that name has meaning to you: after your mom and your sister. That's better than picking a random name that just sounds cool to you.

    Please for the sweet love of goodness do NOT name your child Baybi Kaykz. Or 98% of these names.

    And if you want to name your kid Stephanie Gabrielle, why on earth would you spell that Sdeffanea Gabbreall? Just to make sure your kid has to spell it out to people every single day of her life and get treated like an idiot whose mom can't spell? Besides, the typical spelling of those names is way prettier than what you came up with.

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    I would just make sure that your child wont be ridiculed because of her name. Also, it makes things a lot easier in school if the teachers and students can pronounce the name.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Apple or Shiloh - Shiloh, if i will use it for a boy. Love Shiloh for a boy. Pilot or Suri - i'll bypass with Pilot. greater so through fact i'm prepared on his father, nevertheless i think of Pilot is a astounding call too. beneficial, it may condemn the youngster to a existence of problems and that i maximum actually does not use it, yet i will admit i think of that's cool. that's variety of like naming your son clinical expert, which grow to be a nicely-liked boys call for the duration of the nineteenth century. besides, 'sur' potential 'bitter' or 'grumpy' in my first language, and so Suri is out of the question. Zachary or Gideon - Gideon. through fact that's cool. Harper or Sadie - Sadie. Harper does not truly sound like a popularity to me, it in simple terms feels like somebody who performs the harp. Monroe or Emme - for a woman Emme. Monroe is masculine. yet I do like Monroe for a boy. Morroccan or Max - Max. *chuckle* Morroccan is ridiculous. Knox or Jackson - Knox. i'm a sucker for previous, quirky names. i like Jackson too, yet that has greater to do with the folk I go alongside with the call, quite than the call itself. Vivienne or Bryn - i'm assuming it is for a woman, so i will choose for Vivienne. Bryn is a masculine call. the female version is spelled Brynn. Vivienne is a pretty call, even if I choose Vivian. Daniel or Levi - Daniel. For some reason, I easily have on no account seen the attraction of Levi. Sunday or Honor - Honor. i do unlike distinctive function names, yet a minimum of that's an actually call. Sunday is an afternoon of the week. i could might desire to spell it Honour, nevertheless, utilising the English spelling. BQ: i ought to confirm myself utilising Shiloh for a boy. Zachary and Gideon are thoroughly usable as nicely, as is Monroe and Max. Knox is advantageous, and Jackson and Daniel too. and that i like Vivienne/Vivian for a woman. and that i like Pilot for a boy, yet enable's in simple terms fake i don't.

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    summer rayne

    guinevere winthrop

    Ingrid gamma

    I'm sorry but I only like these names because they are cute and original. Some of these names I can't even pronounce.

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    Well all of them are good if you want to give the baby a crppy life with a terrible name.

  • JD
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    Keep scribbling, you're bound to come up with something reasonable sooner or later.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i like summer rayne


    olga white flower would be nice too cause it means something too you

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    poor kid.

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