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what do you think of these baby names?

i'm only 12 weeks or so but already starting to think of baby names.

bella madrigma

summer rayne

blu risktaka

mariã ferreira

april showerz ("showerz" was actually my grandmas maiden name!! she was yiddish)

may flowerz (lol, i just think this is unique and cool ! )

simba koinonia

paideia grudl

traudl junge

pinnk sunshine

le'tammy hillrayne

edbella jakeblack cullswannen

lorraine delarouge le'tammy

baybi kaykz

swety larue le'tammy

millva nabanzx

lagrima dolores

olga whiteflower (olga = my moms name, whiteflower = my dead baby sister's middle name)

midge bernardine

ingrid gamma

g'nae hoytu

dabba lenore

heather mckee

lena starflowr

gabby michelle

seþi s'baschen

dnaenae shaniqua (okay j/k with that one :P were not black)

avogadro habashada

mixtue wama'alanea

deskek renee michelle

sdeffanea gabbreaell (stephanie gabriel lol)

guinevere winthrop

djenivver matchelle

i just scribbled these down on paper and i like lots of them so one of them will probably be the babys name. i'm so excited!

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    Dear Shelly:

    Permit me to give you some VALUABLE Advice:

    1) K.I.S.S.~ Keep It Simple !

    Select a name people can properly pronounce & spell correctly.

    (Unless you want to make your kids life Miserable.)

    2) Depending on the country you live in~

    Select a name with class & style.

    Have a little Creativity. Maria may be too over-used!

    Simba is way too Goofy!

    3) Do NOT name a kid UNTIL They Are Born

    & have developed a "personality"! Inexperienced

    parents name their kid something that doesn't "FIT"!

    I didn't name my kids for months.

    I'm glad I did all three of the above!


    You are in for the ride of your life!

    Good Luck!

    I like Summer, if it fits her!

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    Shiloh Suri Zachary Harper Emme Max Jackson Vivienne Daniel Sunday BQ: Vivienne, Harper, Daniel, Jackson, Zachary, & Max

  • Xavier
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    A good name for a boy could be Xavier, because it's a unique name. A short, Spanish variation of Xavier would be Xavi (pronounced SA-vee)

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    UM most of them were really hard to pronounce and think of the baby's future, the ridicule YIKES. There were a few cute and unique ones like "summer rayne" "lena starflowr" "gabby michelle"


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  • Unless the spelling in some of these were typos, I don't like the majority of these. One of the only ones that seems okay to me is Summer Rayne.

    Congratulations on your baby!

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    Whatever happened to names like Jacqueline or Heather? Not that some of these are bad, but "Baybi Kaykz"? Really? And how do you pronounce "Deskek" or "seþi"?

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    I wish my mom thought of those names when naming me xD

    i like summer rayne

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    you cant be serious...but if you are, they all really suck and i cant even pronounce 90% of them

    dont put your child through the trouble of having a difficult name

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go get a baby names book

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    a few of them are cute, like bella, summer, april & midge - personally, I like 'colette'... but the rest of them..... a joke right?

    don't do that to a kid.

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