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what do you think of these baby names?

i'm only 12 weeks or so but already starting to think of baby names.

bella madrima

summer rayne

blu risktaka

april showerz ("showerz" was actually my grandmas maiden name!! she was yiddish)

may flowerz (lol, i just think this is unique and cool ! )

simba koinonia

paideia grudl

traudl junge

pinnk sunshine

le'tammy hillrayne

lorraine delarouge le'tammy

baybi kaykz

swety larue le'tammy

lagrima dolores

olga whiteflower (olga = my moms name, whiteflower = my dead baby sister's middle name)

midge bernardine

ingrid gamma

g'nae hoytu

dabba lenore

heather mckee

lena starflowr

gabby michelle

seþi s'baschen

dnaenae shaniqua (okay j/k with that one :P were not blacks)

avogadro habashada

mixtue wama'alanea

deskek renee michelle

sdeffanea gabbreaell (stephanie gabriel lol)

guinevere winthrop

djenivver matchelle

i just scribbled these down on paper and i like lots of them so one of them will probably be the babys name. i'm so excited!

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    There cool, but some sound foreign.

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  • I'd hold onto that list until you know what you're having first. I thought I was having a girl and when I found out I was having a boy I had to start all over again. And then at that, the names I liked for a boy I don't like now. I'm 35 weeks pregnant now and STILL can't make up my mind. Focus on some other things until you know for sure, hun.

    And if it's a girl, think of your baby's future.. If someone was to look at her resume, are they gonna be able to call her and pronounce her name when they want to interview her. Sounds silly but you have to consider these things. Not what's "cute"

    And what is: "dnaenae shaniqua (okay j/k with that one :P were not blacks) "?

    I'm starting to question if you're even old enough to have sex..

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    Holy Lord..your poor child. Remember that this name is what your child, NOT YOU, has to live with for the rest of their life. They are the one that will be made fun of, have their name continuously misspelled and mispronounced. They are the one that has to learn how to write it as a five year old. You aren't naming a are naming a person! Give them a real name, I promise they will appreciate you for it later.

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    I only like gabby michelle.

    The rest of the names look like you dumped the letters from a scrabble board on the floor and wrote down whatever letters appeared next to each other.

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    I'm 12 weeks too.

    I like Bella Madrima & Gabby Michelle - but prefer Gabriella Michelle.

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    Please, for your baby's sake, name him or her something normal that is phonetic and easy to spell and pronounce. The only name of those I like is bella madrima and what is madrima anyway? My name is D'Aun and I HATE it. It causes SO MANY problems to have punctuation in your name especially at airports and with banks and on computers. so please, i am begging you for your baby's sake, as the baby of a "creative" mom, don't name it anything weird. And those are all very bad names for a baby. sdeffanea gabbreaell? really? please don't. trust me on this! your baby will NOT thank you for its "creative" name. and baybi kaykz? please tell me that was a joke. seriously, DO NOT name your baby any of these names! except maybe olga whiteflower (but that one still isnt very good despite the sentimental meaning).

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    purposely misspelled baby names or names using quotes like "april showerz" makes you look like you're trying to humiliate your child or like you are 12 and think netspeak is cool. Unique names are one thing. Out and out just making a joke of your kid's name is just lame.

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    You're trying too hard.

    AND you're a troll. In one of your questions your a 16 year old anorexic/bulemic, and in the other question you are 14 and whining about your mommy and daddy taking your phone away cos you racked up the bill. My guess is you're 12 and bored.

  • man ur kid is gonna have a hard time writing there name!!!! try some thing simple yet unique i always liked the name page or try names that spell stuff bakwards like my name is hazel backwards it sounds like lisa with a Z hope i helped

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    I don't even know how to pronounce some of those. And it seems like all girl names? what if the child is a he?

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