designing a closed loop control system!!!!! please help!!!!!!!!!!?

i want a smart car to control the headlights based on a few conditions, Design a closed loop control system that turns on the headlights when the car senses that the sun has set or when it starts to rain or when the driver verbally says to turn on the headlights.

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    Actually what you describe is an open loop control. ( As you are expecting the human operator to close the feedback loop for you. )

    So are you expecting Y! Answers to provide a design to you?

    .oO( Sadly, we don't get paid enough on Y! Answers for that level of detail. )

    What aspect of this control do you need assistance?

    From what I see described, this is an analog circuit design up to the point of the speech recognition requirement, which then drives it over toward a DSP-controller based design.

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    What you have described is a fairly complex embedded system. I would recommend a micro controller with ADC inputs for a light sensor, and voice recognition and a rain sensor. Then you will need a output that controls a relay to turn on and off the lights. The software would have to be able to tell the difference between a flashing light or car head lights otherwise your lights would go out when you need them the most. Lots of little problems to be solved.

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  • 6 years ago

    complex factor. research from bing and yahoo. it could help!

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