What is worse symbolism -- Che's picture or a Confederate Flag, or are they the same?

Do you think either is bad -- both

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    Confederate Flag, definetly.

    Lets go over some basic history. The Confederate flag is the flag of the former C.S.A. that split off from the Union and started the American Civil War. The Civil War was fought for one reason the issue of Slavery could not be resolved subsequently this was also a states rights issue because the south wanted popular sovereignty which would allow new states to decide if Slavery was to be legal. When people try to say the Civil War was fought over States Rights tell them "Yes, and that State's Rights issue was Slavery" also be quick to remind them that the confederacy voluntarily left the union just as they voluntarily entered the union. Which is fine, except for the fact that they chose to attack the U.S. The Union did not just stomp down an independant nation they were invaded and fought back crippling their attackers. Had Lincoln chosen to stomp out the confederacy immediately he would have failed because border states that had not left the union would have joined the Confederacy turning the tide of the war. Also, regarding the issue of slavery only rich whites could afford slaves and the rich who could afford slaves did not fight. So ironically, the hard working southerners fought so that the rich southern aristocrats could keep their slaves. This concept is best sumed up by a southern man named Hinton Rowan Helper in the book "The Impending Crisis of the South" Which, I highly sugguest people to read to better understand the Civil War and slavery.

    Also, the self-proclaimed rednecks that dawn such Confederate flags don't understand the origin of the word. "Redneck" being traced back to the poor southerners of the Appalachia. The poor Appalachian people did not generally support slavery or the idea of the Confederacy. And may I point out the word was popularized by the West Virginia Coal Miners in the Battle of Blair Mountain who were trying to unionize. So any anti-union proud southern conservatives, libertarians, or republicans should understand your history.

    The Civil War and the failure of the abolition of slavery to come sooner are regarded as some of the biggest mistakes in American Histoy by historians. The Confederate flag has come to represent racism and ignorance in the U.S.

    On the other hand...

    Ernesto "Che" Guevara was born into a wealthy family in Rosario, Argentina. He became a doctor choosing to dedicate his life to medicine after his grandmother died. Later, in life he gave up the money of his parents and traveled across South America essentially penny-less. He witnesseded extreme poverty and exploitation of resources by large foreign corporations (motorcycle diaries). He was changed by the poverty he saw and chose to dedicate his life to fixing it by supporting a political party (communist) that was commited to advance workers. In Cuba he helped Fidel Castro overthrow the ruthless american funded dictatorship of Batista. The revolution only was succesful with the help of many working peasants who saw hope in him. Che fought for the working class. Later in his life, he traveled to the Congo and was remarked as very nice to the blacks treating them as equals. His death in Bolivia came with American support not the outcry of the working Bolivian people. Che is regarded as a hero across South America.

    You dont have to like Che Guevara but know the facts about the Confederate flag and its true nature as well as the facts regarding Che.

    Source(s): I'm an intelligent 16 year old kid that wears Che shirts, reads books and is in an AP U.S. History Class.
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    4 years ago

    According to Wikipedia the flag can represent "... a symbol of heritage and the freedom of the distinct cultural tradition of the South from the oppression of Northern government. .. also be seen as a symbol of freedom of speech." You often see the confederate flag in the South. For most people especially African Americans it represents slavery which the south supported. In most places other than the south if someone had a confederate flag on their car or had it on their cloths it would be very offensive. Personally I think the use of the confederate flag by the "Tea Party" is blatant racism. They are the ones saying they want to take their country back. They put Obama with the joker face which in essence is putting him with white face. Putting white face make up on a black man has a very negative racial connotation. Just like a white man putting black face make up on. So Barry is wrong and you are right. It is racist.

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    1 decade ago

    The Confederate Flag, as it is called is incorrect as it is actually the Battle Flag. That said, it represents a dire period in American History - the Battle of Northern Aggression and the blood shed on the battlefield. It isn't symbolism but pure history and a reminder of the violent division in our country.

    Che Guevera, born in Argentina was a force in the revolution in Cuba, a Marxist and a professional revolutionary who became famous for his guerrilla tactics. He left Argentina because of his opposition to Peron, moving from the revolution in Cuba to the Congo, then Bolivia - where he was killed while inciting the peasants to revolt.

    The Battle Flag should be respected for those lost in the war and it is a reminder of a divided country where American fought American and the South was crushed under the might of the North. After Lincoln's assassination, the South paid all over again by the politicians Lincoln had kept at bay, preventing them from destroying the economy of the South until his untimely death.

    Che Guevara was a guerrilla who liked to effect change through violence because he could, using his particular brand of anti government ideology.

    They are hardly the same.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There's nothing wrong with Che's picture. It's a picture. The confederate flag symbolizes a time in this country when there was much disarray, a civil war, the battle over slavery and brother fought against brother. There is no place in this country for the confederate flag. Our flag is the Stars and Stripes. The confederate flag only stirs up bad feelings, antagonism and should be outlawed.

    We're the United States of America, NOT the Confederate States of America. Dixieland, fast forward 145 years. Things have changed, thank God.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Confederate flag never killed anyone, Che murdered hundreds of people.

    If you are thinking the people killed for the flag, then you need to be more specific, but Che actually pulled the trigger.

    Ted kennedy killed more people then the Confederate flag did.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't degrade the Confederate Flag. It is part of the History of America. Who the hell is Che ?

    You are worst then any of them. now go slap yo momma.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Confederate Flag is part of American history, Che is a loser, end of story.

  • seasea
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    1 decade ago

    Do you or any of your cronies even have a clue what the confederate flag is or how it came about or do you just follow what you have been told, get along little dogie

  • 1 decade ago

    It depends on who sees it and what they are trying to symbolize. They have both appeared on T-shirts for their shock value. Personally, I refuse to be shocked by either.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why would you even try to compare them.

    The Confederate Flag is a American Flag of Honor.

    Che' was a murdering communist scum bag. And not a flag or America so why are you trying to compare them?

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