Does an airsoft sniper rifle need front sights as well as a rear sight?

i am about to buy a sight that isnt a scope...its an MBUS Backup Sight and it has no crosshairs or dots...but it serves only the purpose of a scope. so, since the sight is taking the place of the scope, does my rifle need a front sight? (my rife is a m324 gen 5)

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    A rear sight is useless without a front sight. it would be better to get a front sight and not a rear sight. the front sight is a post and the rear sight is either a notch \/ or a circular hole or aperture (). (please excuse my poor diagram) a notch rear sight and front sight should look like this when lined up on a target: \|/ an aperture sight would look like this (|) . Without the front sight, you only have 1 point of reference on the gun and as such have little use for the sight.

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    your post is confusing i had to look it up, but after i looked it up no you don't it is a front and rear folding iron sight but since you don't have a full IRS rail they will be very close together it will work im not sure how well. I would buy a 30mm red dot with 1X zoom for better shooting.

    happy hunting.

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    Necessary? No

    One thing you may wan' to take into account though, without a front site you have no reference to the pitch, or angle of your rifle, so you may *think* you're aiming at something, when in reality, you may be off by as much as a few feet.

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