I have a year of experience in a brokerage firm and a 2 year college degree in graphic design?

I have a year of experience in a brokerage firm doing operations (glorified data entry) and maintenance and a 2 year college degree in graphic design. I plan on leaving my job for something else in a few months. What else is there for me?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The T-Shirt Screen Printing field is an option for any Graphic Designer, and you do not necessarily need any degree at all. Proficiency in Corel Draw and to a lesser extent Photoshop are both important. Also an understanding of how the Screen Printing process works is very useful, as making a design look good when Printing on T-Shirts and other apparel isn't always the same as making it look good on a computer monitor.

    There are Screen Printing companies everywhere, from small 1 or 2 person shops to large Printing Warehouses with quite a few artists. I'm not sure if this is appealing to you or not but knowing how many people are in the Graphic Design field and how competitive it can be, as well as the number of independent Screen Printing shops, I think Graphic Designers in general would be well advised to explore this area. As I said, to be a successful Screen Printing Graphic Design Artist you must have some understanding of the Screen Printing process so that the artwork you create will print easily and well. Here's an article that describes some of the Screen Printing Process:


    Here's a forum for some general info:


    Good Luck

    Oh yeah, one more thing, Screen Printers in general are not very "corporate" and don't care about degrees, it'll be your abilities, knowledge, and portfolio that make the difference.

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    You need a degree. Sorry but people do not think of a 2 yr as anything other than a couple of classes after high school. For graphic design look at Cogswell College in Sunnyvale.

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    With all due respect to my distinguished colleagues, the other answers are a load of codswallop. I think you have gone about as far as you can go with your limited skill set. I would not waste any more time on education. You gotta be kidding me, getting a degree for t shirt design, like that's not a waste of money. Cut your losses now and forget about this other stuff. Good luck, you sound like an honest person with integrity, and I hope you reach your goals.

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    Bluntly, layout itself is a craft. it isn't a craft it is taught in seen communications and also you likely might want to bypass for a 4 3 hundred and sixty 5 days degree because you'd be up hostile to those who've been in college often times for 6 years or extra, or were groomed for most of their lives to do those issues. A BFA in layout might want to be the thanks to start up, in case you are able to locate the money for it, from a school like MIT or Cooper Union. it truly is amazingly severe priced inspite of the truth that, yet i doesn't shrink my expectations a lot less than that. you'll locate absolutely everyone else is impressing customers with their mad skills and accomplishments.

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