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Is this a good fantasy baseball team?

is this a good fantasy team

C-Bengie Molina

1B-Albert Pujols

2B- Brian Roberts

3B- Evan Longoria

SS-Stephen Drew

OF-David DeJesus

OF- Jacoby Ellsbury

OF- Corey Hart

SP-Zack Grienke

SP-Jon Lester

SP-Josh Beckett

SP-Wandy Rodriguez

SP-Josh Johnson

CL-Bobby Jenks

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    Baseball already?

    This looks like a great pitching team, but a little more stingy on offense. You look like you have enough speed and power, but some hitters on your team are inconsistent. Stephen Drew's a good power hitter, but a little wild at times and is full of ups and downs. Corey Hart has been down hill since '07, but maybe he'll turn it up again this year. Dejesus has been improving, but who knows how he'll be this year. I'd look for another good outfielder if one's available in free agents. Your pitchers, as stated, are excellent. You've got what looks like 3 aces (Greinke, Beckett, Johnson), and 2 other great pitchers. You won't have to worry about them unless and injury occurs. Jenks is a great closer (is it possible to get more than one closer, though?).

    I'd give this a solid 8/10

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    im glad baseball is already being brought up lets start with your catcher Molina defensively one of the best but not a good bat 1st base i don't think i really have to say anything here your good there 2nd base in his career he is hitting almost 300 so he is very consistent and a good IF 3rd base again great hitter good 3rd baseman SS a good young player a little inconsistent at times but i think you might be alright maybe shop him around later your OF Jacoby Ellsbury really good and an AWESOME base stealer Hart struggles with injuries and DeJesus is looking better your SP great you have 3 guys who are gonna win 20 games this year with Grienke Lester and Beckett Rod and Johnson are good and Jenks a good closer but i would maybe look for someone later

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    Pretty good hitters. Molina is not a guarentee to hold up and you could stand to improve at shortshop and in the outfield except Ellsbury. Your rotation however is absolutely excellent. Closer is pretty good.

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