Ideal Gas Law and STP help?

Find the Volume at STP of a gas sample that occupies 245 mL (0.245 L) at 29 C (302 K) at 1.51 atm.

So... using the ideal gas law, we can set up the equation.

(1.51 atm) (0.245 L) = n (0.08206 - constant) (302 K)

And n = 0.01493. Now what? What does it mean find the volume at STP?

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  • Lexi R
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    1 decade ago
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    STP stands for standard temp and pressure.

    This is 0 deg celcius and 1 atm

    You've done the other work correctly, so now just enter the moles into the equation with the values of Temp and pressure at STP to find the new volume

  • okeson
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    4 years ago

    "equivalent volumes of gas comprise equivalent numbers of molecules."--Avogadro Atomic weights: C=12 O=sixteen CO2=40 4 2.75LCH4 x 1LCO2/1LCH4 x 1molCO2/22.4LCO2 x 44gCO2/1molCO2 = 5.40g CO2 to 3 substantial figures

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