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Can India beat South Africa in test without Laxman & Dravid?

Both are injured and most likely will not play in series against South Africa.

Though we have enough of replacements like Raina, Kohli and Badrinath and many many others. But will the absence of Laxman and Dravid be felt?

"Happy Republic Day to all Indian users"

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    I would say it is possible without Laxman but without Dravid it will be difficult.

    I think Kohli would be a better choice choice for Dravid's replacement.

    Now there is a lot of burden on the shoulders of players like Sachin, Gambhir, Sehwag.

    I hope they all play well because we cannot be sure of good play from the replacements of Dravid and Laxman.

    Happy Republic Day to you!!!!

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    The absence will most definitely be felt! Those two form the spine of the Indian test squad and against the likes of Steyn, Morkel and Parnell, who can really challenge you with a new ball, it becomes all the more paramount to have a couple of solid veterans who can steady and control the innings. Looking at your list of proposed names, Raina is not a test option at this stage due to his weakness against the short ball and should not be played. Murali Vijay and Badrinath look more capable of holding an innings together and should be given some opportunities. Kohli has been impressive but I am not sure that he is quite ready for the 5 day game. Hope that atleast one of those two will be ready for the series against SA.

  • Happy Republic Day to each and every single user who are celebrating !

    Well it is a big blow for the indian team as they can change the course of the Match as we have seen it earlier in the recent past.They have shown dominating character under pressure, Especially Dravid was looking solid with his technique and as usual he was waiting for the loose ball and sending to the fence in style..Both will be missed in the middle order as no body can replace them in their experience.But the players can replace them but then cannot be consistence and responsible batsmen as these two player..

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    1st of all Happy Republic Day-- to every one.

    Now that Laxman & Dravid, both are gone, almost 100%, India has to gear up and show its bench strength, as this should give team India, an opportunity to measure, what life would be without these stalwarts, once they retire, before their actual retirement, as Dravid's injury looks worse than Laxman's, so there is small possibility that Laxman might be able to play but good luck to Dravid.

    It would be tough, if both these players are out, as they have quality bowling side, which would pose different Q than Bangla bowlers, so you need solid players, to take on their bowlers, its going to dent India's preperations, as they have to look for able replacements, in real short time, tough job made tougher for sure but not impossible, good luck to team India !!

    With Yuvraj also out of sorts, at present, hope he makes few good runs tomorrow, to get himself back in form, otherwise Dhoni & team management have lots on their plates, with regards to choice of personnels.

    V.Kohli and Murli Vijay, who also played this match, might be able to gain place in the team and if India wants to gamble, they should go for Rohit Sharma, insead of Badrinath, as he looks better bet than him, he deserves a chance, to cement his place in the Test eleven, he has good technique, which might give India good solution, in the long run,if he succeeds at Test level.

    Raina also deserves a chance, in place of D.Karthik, who made a mess of his chance, in the 1st test, as he has been kept as a ready replacement, being the 2nd w/k of the team, since its a home series, he can always be summoned, if need be, so team India should try these youngsters, who have been playing lots of ODI's, so they have good exposure to international cricket, lots of choices, lets see what the team management comes up with, as they don't have much choice, with these bad injuries & form of few batsmen.

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    Happy Republic day to India and Happy Australian day for the Aussie friends.

    It is a good opportunity for the "genext" to take charge. Let us hope they do it in style. I wish good luck to Team India.

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    Big boots to be filled, the Indian batting line up will still contain at least 3 world class bats but they will both be hugely missed.

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    Happy Republic Day to all.

    It will be difficult to find strong middle order in absense of VVS & Rahul, but most of indian pitches don't support fast bowlers, & RSA's strength is fast bowling department (in attack) thus i feel even it will be not easy but possible.

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    India can still enjoy the time as No.1 even after the SA visit, the bookmakers & BCCI will make sure of the results.

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    No- atleast one of them must be present in the team

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    Will be hard but India can do it.

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