I'm getting really confused about 2.1 speakers and Watts, eg, Total RMS output, Nominal Power Output, etc?

Basically, I wanna get the loudest and best speakers I can for £26 from Amazon, and I've found many good speakers, but I came across a 35 watt speaker by Trust for £26


The details are Nominal Output Power (Total): 35 Watt

But then looking around, I came across ones with maximum power output, and stuff like that.

Basically, what Im asking about is, are these speakers actually 35 watts, or is that maximum, because I've seen nominal power output showing the max before, and I'm getting really confused lol.

OR alternatively, suggest other speakers for £26, but must have a bass control on the back of the subwoofer.


I'm also getting confused because this speaker set doesn't say what Watt each satelite and subwoofer is. Also, I have seen some speakers say they are like 30 watts, when actually, just the wubwoofer is 30 watts and the satelites are rubbish.

Update 2:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sweex-SP024UK-2-1-Speaker-... - And this says 300 watts for £19 which also confuses me lol.

Update 3:

2.1 speaker set including wooden subwoofer with a total RMS power output of 42 Watt - So this would be about 35 watts?

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    Never pay any attention to peak or maximum power output ratings. They're pretty much meaningless on a lot of speakers and don't make sense. RMS is what you need to look for. Nominal will probably be a little lower than RMS because that's the most power they can take with no distortion above a certain level.

    The Sweex speakers you're looking at are pure crap. If you look at the technical details, you get two 3 watt speakers and one 5 watt subwoofer. How they get 300 watts out of that is a mystery.

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  • 3 years ago

    those specs are utilising the terminology incorrectly. They even spelled "Bass" incorrect. The term "output potential" should not be used with audio equipment. audio equipment do not positioned out potential till they are energetic audio equipment. That term is reserved for amplifiers. while concerning audio equipment, wattage rankings are how lots potential they're going to take till now injury happens. while concerning amplifiers wattage rankings are how lots potential they're going to furnish at a particular impedance and distortion score. The decrease score is the non-end quantity and the better one is a "height" or temporary quantity, generally the quantity of potential they're going to furnish in simple terms till now going up in a pant of smoke. "entire" refers back to the quantity for all channels mixed. 40 watts is distinctly small for a mixed score. You do the math. The 3 hundred watt score will inform you techniques lots nasty, distorted, transistor burning potential it is going to push out in that is totally final milliseconds. even though i'm constructive it is going to likely be waiting to fill a 12'x12' room with somewhat loud sound. Will that is like being in a club with a stay band the place you are able to scream to communicate on your chum? No. Will that is sufficient to make your mom pound on your mattress room door and scream at you to teach it down? likely sure. yet what do you like for in simple terms $a hundred?

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