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about tps immigration?

i've been in the us since 1995 i came when i was a minor.i over stayed now i dont have a status,im married to my kids father which is a us citizen and my 2 kids are also us citizen.i dont have my husband apply for me because of domestic violence issues with him towards me i have family in haiti and some dead during the earthquake i was wondering if i was elligible for that tps and employement authorization due to this matters right now i have no status .

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    If you are married to a US citizen and have US citizen children, you could perhaps self-petition for a green card ... USCIS does not commonly deport battered spouses of US citizens, especially if you need to take care of your children. I'm not sure if TPS would apply in this situation, but it's possible. Seek out an immigration lawyer, they will be of massive help to you, or read more about battered spouses' rights and Haiti TPS at

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    TPS isn't immigration. At least it's not supposed to be. TPS stands for TEMPORARY Protected Status. If you apply you'll be accepted. You'll also get an Employment Authorization Document and Social Security Card.

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    My best advice for you is to apply for Violence Against Women Act.

    look here for more info:

    I would not recommend tps since it is only temporary and when its over you will have to go back to your country, and by the looks of it, it would be a great idea...

    Best of luck!!!

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    beware,once u sign up for TPS, when the 18 months is over u got to get urself out of here unless they xtend it,its a catch 22 situation so find out all the corners first from an xperienced attorney

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    you need to look into Violence Against Women Act sounds like you may be eligible if you have documented proof of the domestic violence issues with your u.s. citizen husband. go to and under the forms tab look into form I-360.

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    Only if you yourself came from Haiti and have been in the country illegally.

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