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documents needed to apply for BOA student credit card?

I want to apply for a student credit card at bank of america in order to start building credit but I am not sure what i would need. I want to apply in person b/c it seems safer. What documents would i need? I know i need an id but is driver's license enough? I already have a checking and savings account with them. Only answers from people who have previously applied or work there please!! Thanks

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    ank of America® Student Platinum Plus® Visa® Credit Card

    Bank of America Student Platinum Plus Visa Credit Card

    Be Financially Responsible while you learn to manage your credit

    Apply Now

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    Introductory APR Standard APRs Annual Fee Fee for Balance Transfers

    n/a 14.24%

    Variable APR†

    Applies to purchases and balance transfers.

    See Terms and Conditions for Standard variable APR for cash advances.


    Variable APR†

    Applies to all other cash advances. $0† 3% of each transaction (Min $10)†

    See Terms and Conditions for fees that apply to other transaction types.

    † Please see Terms and Conditions for rate, fee, and other cost information. All terms, including the APRs and fees, are subject to change at any time, for any reason, in accordance with the Credit Card Agreement and applicable law.

    Who it′s for

    You're a student at a college or university and looking for your first card

    Credit Card Features

    This credit card

    * For full- and part-time students at accredited colleges and universities

    * Help protect yourself with the Bank of America® Student Identity Theft Protection Program free for 4 years▲.

    * More Platinum Plus® Visa® credit card features

    * Read tips on building credit and budgeting

    All Bank of America® credit cards

    Source(s): bofa.com
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