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Jim Courier's commentary on Channel 7?

What are your views on Jim Courier's commentary on channel 7 during the 2010 Australian Open?

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    I think he is the most biased f*ck when it comes with commentary during the match.

    For example if a top player such as Federer or Nadal makes a winner her goes crazy and says "Oh my god, don't tell me, oh that's ridiculous, oh how amazing"

    But when a lower ranked player makes a winner thats as good, he just says "okay that's a good shot."

    Like i know he wants to suck up to those top players but stop making it obvious.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have heard excerpts and I think he tries too hard (UK resident; I do not get Channel 7 by default).

    Worse still are his really cringe-worthy interviews with the winners after certain matches. He asks the most awful and pointless questions, like quizzing Tsonga for 5 minutes in front of the arena on why he had changed his rackets from last season. Not good entertainment, Jim.

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    Keeps clinging to faded glory by bringing up stupid anecdotes from the days he used to play, and pointless trivia about guys like Pete Sampras or Agassi or even McEnroe. I mean seriously, how the hell are those guys relevant?

    Has a tendency to be overly kind and praiseful to the top-seeded players while constantly nit-picking at lower-ranked players.

    Also, as the other answerer mentioned, routinely asks some REALLY lame, post-game interview questions.

  • Albert
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    It's crap. The match last night about 300 times in one set he dribbled on how Gonzalez was such a short little guy at 6ft tall. Why didn't Todd Woodbridge tell him to shut the f%ck up. He's still better than Tracey Austin though.

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    Hate it. He talks too much and talks during when players are playing the points and it has nothing to do with tennis some times.

  • He's ok,he adds experience to commentary.Isn't the whole point of being a tv sports commentator to talk even if it is sometimes drivel it can still be funny as heck.

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