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Any everyday NON mechanical appliances at home, that i can give my puppy (6weeks) to play with?

Like socks, or a bottle with out a cap.

Some dumb ***** thought i was talking about mechanical appliances, only a ******* retard would think someone would give metal appliances.

I am buying one later, but not now maybe because its at night?


still blue moose, why would i give my dog a blender so it can chew on it?

and i wasnt talking about people who told me calmly i was wrong

peopel who right about say i was stupid and saying a bunch of stuff.

Still if you think about it would you ever think a non special ed owner, would ever give a pup a sharpener to play with

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    Socks and bottles are not appliances so excuse a group of people who read questions from some surprisingly stupid people for thinking you meant what you said.

    Yes, you can give an empty bottle. Dogs usually love playing with those. I wouldn't recommend socks unless you don't mind having all your socks destroyed after the puppy learns they're toys.

    Is there a reason you can't just buy dog toys? Teaching your dog it can destroy anything it can get it's mouth around will cause frustration in the end.

    ADD: Of course I wouldn't think a "non special ed owner" would give their dog a blender to play with, but there a A LOT of pet owners on this site that I would consider "special". How was I to know you weren't one of them?

    I guess we have different definitions of the word "appliance" so I apologize for the misunderstanding.

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    dogs like the crunching sound of water bottles and the feel of socks and other fabrics so what i would do is take a empty watter bottle and cover it with 2 socks and sow it up (:

    Ps make sure the socks are tall and somewhat thick (not wool!)

    Source(s): my dog loves these things
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    don't give a dog socks or shoes to chew on or they will chew all your shoes and socks up. plastic bottles or a good chew toy is best rubber balls/rope/bike tires/sticks/big bone (not chicken or turkey bones as they can splinter and stick in the throat ) even a peace or hose pipe works well don't give them soft toys/shoes/socks or anything they can rip to bits and eat. as they may choke on it

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    Well how bout its littermates since its still only 6 weeks old

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    obviously something like a tennis ball would be good or a rope tied in a knot

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