Why are Arsenal fans so content on Wenger using only a few regular players in the FA Cup?

Wouldnt an FA Cup trophy be better than no trophy and wouldnt they like to win a double or a treble












Also, why does Wenger not care about the FA Cup?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    what better way of seeing how these kids will do against a team like stoke in a game which is more important to stoke an see if they can handle themselves under sever pressure and they didn't do that well but at least Arsene learnt something from this,remember a few season's ago when Arsenal played Chelsea in the carling final and he fielded a young team against chelsea and they did very well from it and see where these players are now,so look at it as exposure but for the right reasons,better to lose in a cup game than lose 3 points to your rivals.

  • danxp2
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    10 years ago

    Only Wenger would know about why he doesn't care about the FA Cup but I would say it is because you get a large money prize for winning the prem and for winning the champions league and a rather small one for two domestic cups we compete in, that said he has also won the FA Cup a handful of times so it is probably not that attractive to him anymore, even if it has been a while since he has won it. Also with Villa, Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool matches coming back to back to back to back I expect he wanted to keep his starting players off the pitch to make sure no more pick up knocks with our team already in triage. I was surprised when I saw the team sheet that Cesc was starting at all.

    As for why am I so content on letting him decide who he puts out on the field is because this is the reason he gets paid the big bucks to make these decisions and because we are already more of a hospital ward then a team, as well as we have gotten dumped out of the champions league and FA cup before in saturday/wednesdy one after the other by trying to win everything and finishing with nothing I would rather win, and Carling cup and early round FA cup draws are for the kids because they will learn a lot more from these games then any reserve or youth cup game they play. Since stoke were a Prem team perhaps that was way to soft of a team to put out there but I'd rather lose then have a replay.

  • Nicole
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    4 years ago

    How can you accuse wenger of not taking it seriously- wenger is probbaly one of the most best managers in the english premier League and probably one of the greates managers in the world. Wenger knows what he is doing and i do not know if you realise he plays a young team- i ask you is it clever to play your first team in a cup tie , no this is a perfect time for wenger to be trying out his young guns- e.eg Aaron Ramesy- he is playing against argyle in the Fa cup 3rd round- would it be worth taking the the chance of Playing adebayor, instead of ramesy- no A. Because if Adebayor gets injured then he can't play in the league and B. He has t play some young players so that they can come in to replace the older team.

  • 10 years ago

    Arsene Wenger cares about ALL cups, Arsenal have 4 very important Premiership games coming up, and with a few players still injured, didnt have much choice but to put out the team he did yesterday and with others on the bench who he did use!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Simple as this-The gaffer to a risk yesterday afternoon by feilding Andrey,Aaron and Eddy and it backfired on him -Us as Arsenal fans just want silverware and if someone had said to me at the start of the year do you want to be in the title race and out the FA Cup i would have bitten there hand off so im not going to sit here and complain this is just a 'blip' we lift the title in may this will all be forgotten!

  • 10 years ago

    Hell mend those foreign managers who treat the Carling and FA Cup with such little respect. It is also very disrespectful to the opposing team and it's fans. All done with the view that "saving" players will increase their chances of winning the League or better.

    More often than not, as facts have proven, this policy results in them finishing the season trophyless. And it looks good on them sez me!

  • 10 years ago

    The Golie and Defense were a joke.

    Remember that the game was 1-1 untill Wenger introduced 3 veteran offensive players. That was the mistake. The defense was horrible all game...he should have introduced 1-2 defenders to neutralize Stoke and regain ball possession.

    I thought Wenger did the right thing....untill the subs.

  • 10 years ago

    I really do not appreciate the questions asked about Wenger. Surely, everyone will agree that if the players have signed on a professional contract with Arsenal, then they are indeed good enough to play in the first team. Are you suggesting to Wenger that these players aren't good enough? Arsenal is a massive club. Surely they wouldn't sign second string players. If they are good enough to wear the Arsenal jersey, they are good enough to play regular football.

    I am sure Arsene Wenger would be the first to admit he does not have second string players. Only a squad of first 25 players.

    It goes to the other blig clubs as well. I am sure Sir Alex, Ancelotti and Benitez will all agree with that.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    We've got a real chance of winning the league so the FA Cup is a sideshow.

  • spdy
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    10 years ago

    well name the team you wouldve liked to see and i can bet the majority were either injured (diaby, nasri etc), already playing with an injury (gallas, sagna, arshavin..), in dire need or a rest (vermaelan...) or not fully fit (Clichy).

    So yeah, please tell me the team you wouldve liked Wenger to pick. Thanks.

    As for not caring about the Fa cup, he sure has won it plenty times for a manager who supposedly doesnt care about it.

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