2010 Toyota Camry engine vibration?

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I bought a new 2010 Toyota Camry LE 4-cyl one and half month ago, and have driven it for only 1200 miles. Yesterday I suddenly felt vibration/knocking from the engine while I was ...show more
Update : If I ask to change a new Camry, is the dealer willing to do that? WIll ...show more
Update 2: It turns out that the electric wire to a fuel injector was loosely ...show more
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  • Alan answered 4 years ago
The negative Toyota Camry reports keep rolling in from all around the country...true also of the Corolla with its horrible steering. Toyota's day is done. And I am done with Toyota.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Seeing that your vehicle is brand new you can "insist" on having it switched out if not then contact Toyota directly. My experience with vehicles has only been older models and whenever an engine would move like that it is usually a metal bracket made especially for keeping the engine from shaking. If time is permitted, and for the sake of other 2010 owners voice your problem to Toyota directly so that they can make note of it. You may never know you may be the one phone call too many with this same problem prompting Toyota to look into this. Hopefully this helped.
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  • david f answered 4 years ago
    well wait to see what it is,why call toyota if they are takeing care of the issue already,could be a af sensor,not a big deal they will replace it under warrenty and you will be off on your own,,why make a big deal about it,i mean if you think any other car wouldnt give you some problems think again,my brother just got a mazda and 1 week later it wouldnt start,
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