Is Upper Austria and Lower Austria two different countries?

My daughter is doing a report on Austria. Seeing how I am a little naive about the world I have a question. Upon looking at a map of Austria in her geography book I see it is divided into Upper Austria and Lower Austria. My question is....Is this all one country? Or is it two separate governing countries? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    here's a link.

    Ok, umm... here a few things. Austria has about 8 million people living in the country and 60% of the entire country are alps.

    Austria is divided into 9 "Bundesländer" / states.

    Salzbourg, Tyrol, Vienna, Carinthia, Styria, Burgenland, Vorarlberg, Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

    So, yes it is all one country but just like the US it's separated into states.

    Source(s): American living in Austria
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    you probably didn't look at the map properly... it is divided into 9 states, two of which are lower and upper austria

    they were also the ORIGINAL austrian states in ancient roman times, but I don't think that's what you're working on

    the state of vienna is in the state of lower austria, but it used to be the capital city of lower austria (and austria itself, which it still is)

    but anyways, the other states are







    and vienna

    the "bezirke" are like states, are all parts of austria but have seperate governments and different capital cities, just like in the US

    the capital of lower austria is St. Pölten and the capital of upper austria is Linz

    but anyways, instead of letting other people tell you, you could have just googled it

    Source(s): I am austrian (and happy to see that atleast some people know it's not australia)
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    I understand, Austria is not a very famous country and not very intresting to study the nowadays Austria, just its history.

    Austria is one country, and there are 9 states in Austria, two of them are Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) and Oberösterreich (Upper Austria)

    Austria has one Government, Austria's government is like the gov't of the UK, but instead of a Queen there is a president and the a Prime-Minister there is a Chansellor.

    Source(s): I am Austrian and study a lot about it! =D
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    Austria is one whole country. Maybe its just says upper and lower to give a sense of place to different locations.

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