Zune pass... music, apps, and more?

is 15 bucks worth the music? How much do apps cost or are they free on zune pass? Music videos downloadable off zune pass? Also hows the web browsing and should i get a screen protector or does it not get scratched easily?

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    1 decade ago
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    15 bucks is way worth it, apps are and will be free. You can get 3rd party apps off of different sites to suit you until zune comes out with more. No you should not need a screen protector, but a jacket (wrap) for the device is highly recommended for better grip. Also maybe a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe finger prints off. Zune does not have music from some bands so a back up program (like utorrent or vuse) is recommended if you don't mind downloading illegally but if your only using it for music you can't get I think it is justifiable. (for example: ac/dc and tool are bands where they cannot be bought or downloaded) Also some older stuff.

    Web browsing is decent it just does not support flash (like itouch) there is no facebook app so you have to use the web and it is facebook mobile as of now. Also no youtube as of yet. We will get there as these are HIGHLY requested!

    Music videos can be bought but not with a zune pass, you can pick up a zune gift card at superstores and use it for movies, and music videos. Also the zune is compatible with the xbox 360. And you can use the zune pass or giftcard on your 360.

    Here are some FUN links...

    http://www.forums.zune.net/ Forums for any questions or concerns you may have

    http://www.zune.net/ Official website


    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=related The 2 3d games available as of right now

    http://zhdapps.com/news/ One of the places to get 3rd party apps.


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    Project Natal for the 360

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    Yes 15 bucks is worth it, you get download or stream as much music as u like up to 3 Zune devices or PC's. All apps are free but there ain't that many as of yet! You don't music videos with the zune pass just music. The screen don't get scratch so you don't need it unless finger prints u worry about but u can wipe that off. Web browser works good. Also with zune pass u get pick 10 free songs to keep forever but as along as you keep zune pass active all the songs will keep working.

    Also there a software update coming monday,n new firmware update coming this spring for xvid support, smart dj on the device, n who else knows what they got in store for us

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    the only factor that may not artwork with out the zune bypass is the "flow finished length tracks over wifi on your zune" given which you never would desire to pay for music (only the $15/month) you may bypass on the on the spot industry, and hear an entire CD with out including it on your zune or figuring out to purchase it or something like that. different than that, it is going to act only like various different participant. acquire music with the aid of song or with the aid of album, acquire movies, acquire apps...all that stuff does not requre the zune bypass.

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