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KRS-One calls Wayne the greatest rapper of all time o.O?

I'm problly late on this, but I'm sure I'm not the only one ;).

At about 45 seconds in

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How you feel about this?


Ehh you guys, this is still very disappointing to me.

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    I don't think he means it. He subliminally attacks Wayne on many tracks.

    Also KRS-One has a different opinion on rappers than Emcees. In the song classic he says, rapper spit rhymes that are mostly illegal, mcs spit rhymes that uplift their people.

    As long as KRS didn't say Wayne is the best Emcee, I'm all good.

  • 10 years ago

    this hurts.

    he *****ng caught the VAPORS. kissing lil waynes as*. bushwick bill too. wtf. fuc*. i know krs has been working in the studio with around 100 rappers for the stop the violence mvmt- everyone. making tracks where for one f*cking second they stop and say put down the guns but then make bullsh*t music like lil wayne. he works with a lot of mainstream jerk-offs and even nelly on those recordings but this is something else. bullsh*t to relate himself to a black panther and "protect his community" on some public enemy ****. "now im going for that steel"- BLUE STEEL IN THE HOUR OF CHAOS.

    this seems like a f*cking sell out situation. but in the end i knew id always see this someday (krs has connections too. he tight with fat joe and was in one of his recent videos). ive learned to develop a selective ear for hip hop. if that makes me a hypocrite i dont care. as long as he doesnt do autotune or throw his subject matter away to do a track with lil wayne, ill pretend i never saw this. i respect his music so much tho.

    ill just think of this as him kissing lil waynes as* to get him on the the recording of saying stop the violence. krs is basically a big picture kind of guy so he could likely just be insincere about calling lil wayne the goat to get him to come to the stop the violence mvmt. he is getting a so-called rapper with MASS APPEAL to his side. this is like him getting his message across because now ppl will listen if the great and acclaimed lil wayne is there. krs better dump his as* before he gets too close and cant turn back.

    Source(s): hip hop often has two meanings and has one message hidden in the opposite. make your own truth...
  • He's not the only one. When Ghostface was told Wayne was a fan, he said "I respect that. That's real recognising real".

    A lot of good rappers have come out and said the think Wayne's good. I don't know if it's for business reasons because Wayne's hot right now or if they genuinely mean it, but it doesn't change my opinion of the guy.

    Plus, KRS is one of my all time favourite rappers, but he's also batshit insane.

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    10 years ago

    Nathan is right and there was already a big douche who posted this a million times

    hahahah i just watched in for the first time tho and i really thought Lil Wayne was metnally handicapped

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  • 10 years ago

    I think he was kidding/high/senile. But I did like how Wayne pointed to KRS when he said that. Showing respect.

  • Joe
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    10 years ago

    i dont think he meant it, like people said above me alot of rappers will do that so they dont start nothing just like in an interview eminem was asked what he thinks about lil wayne and he said the cater 3 was dope but i know he doesnt really mean that so yeah

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    10 years ago

    krs-one says lil wayne is the greatest rapper

    what about cosign dudes like papoose, busta rhymes, saigon

    krs doesnt speak for everyone, so therefore hes intitled ro his own opinon

  • 10 years ago

    I've never seen this, and I'm very surprised. What this means is Krs-one's stock skyrocketed in the preteen age group and plummeted in the hip hop head circles.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Wow. BOOM might be the stupidest user I've ever seen. Wayne shows creativity does he? Actually rapping is easy is it? Wow you're stupider than Uncredited

  • Anon
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    10 years ago

    dude you cant take anything like this seriously because Rakim said the same thing they just don't want to start a beef or anything like that because thats not them anymore. They just want to say whats politically correct without insulting anyone.

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