Do you believe in traditional gender roles? Do you think it is a good system?

Women: taking care of the home, preparing meals, looking after the children, running the day-to-day errands

Men: providing most if not all of the income, serving in the military, taking care of outdoor chores such as snow removal and lawn care, fixing things around the house

Why, or why not? Looking forward to hearing your views!

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    No, I don't think gender should dictate which roles people fulfill in their homes. I think every couple needs to decide for themselves who will fulfill which roles and as long as both people are okay with the arrangement, who cares which gender you are?

    For example, I make twice as much as my husband makes, so I will be the primary worker in the house. My husband cooks, we both clean, I enjoy landscaping and yard work, he takes out the garbage, we will both take care of the kids.

    We split the work based on our own personalities, earning power and time. It works great for us and each couple needs to find out what works for them.

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    "classic roles" are quite a lot no longer classic any extra and performance virtually no position in this u . s . a .; women persons are operating businesses, getting ranges, and doing a SLEW of 'guy' roles at a swifter price than ever earlier. those 'roles did not even exist in the military from what I talked about. you may want to prefer to carry your tongue your total enlistment and it truly is a robust element that you probably did once you probably did. If some woman had instructed me "it truly is a guy's job" when I instructed her what i might want to planned to do, i might want to've flipped-and that i understand that my fellow woman Marines experience the same way. it truly is tremendous that you're and prefer to be a "classic" woman, and that you take exhilaration in doing an excellent type of issues that women persons those days don't have time for...yet you prefer to imagine lengthy and difficult about the military being the position for you b/c it truly is something yet classic. EDIT: a sprint of truth-your answer made me smile-a lady after my own heart! everywhere you're, take care and be secure!

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    Well that used to be the case b4 thats all changing now. Studies show american working woman make half or more of the family's income. Plenty of women r serving in military now and many men are cooking. We are living in a new world trying to get rid of stereo typical belieafs

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    The gender roles presented in the Bible are mostly in regard to marriage. It says that as Christ is the head of the Church, so man is the head of the household. The woman respects the man and submits to his authority, but the man loves the woman and would willingly do anything for her and even die for her.

    Authority is frequently seen by people as a sign of superiority, but I think that is incorrect. Submission is so difficult that sometimes the superior person is not the leader.

    God wants men to be the leaders and women to be the supporters. Both are equal parts of the body of the Church, they just have different roles.

    Source(s): Bible :)
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    No, I don't think it's a good system. Some women want to have kids and be housewives, but I and many other women do not. I am going into the army after I graduate from college, then I'm going to vet school.

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    I think the roles are ok, provided there is equality in the marriage/relationship. If the man is the "superior" figure, then I have a problem with that.

    Relationships should be equal, from the man and woman, and neither one should be subordinate to the other.

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    1 decade ago

    Hell no that construct was demolished decades ago. Now you women compete against us men, and we willingly accept the challenge!!!The battle rages on. Every man and women must fend for themselves dont expect any help!!

  • I dont think theres anything wrong with traditional gender roles, I just dont think we should force people to stick to them.

    Let people take on whatever role suits them most.

  • hell no

    I don't need a man to hold me down!

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