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what is the right nutrition bar for me?

Im looking to lose weight and gain muscle. im doing p90x. what kind of bar should i look for? Should i get a protein bar, energy bar or a 40 30 30 bar? Any suggestions?

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    Ive worked in nutrition for years. One thing you need to watch out for is synthetic ingredients. Go to like Fred meyers Kroger in the nutrition department and check out the protein bars and the good carbs and natural Ingredients. You only want the high protein bars if your working out. If you don't turn them proteins into energy they will turn into fats. Nutrition Stores have Power bar just for energy and muscles. Good luck.

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    recreation and consume healthful vitamins bars alow you to have a balanced vitamin in view that they're prime in nutrients, proteins and fiber get lots of relaxation take a look at hanging extra protein in you vitamin

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