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What armed force is better and what kind of jobs do each one have for those as an officer?

I am currently a senior in high school and I plan on going to college at University of Missouri or Southern Illinois university. I am Going to join an ROTC program and want to join the armed forces as an officer, but I am not sure what force i want to join. I have already talked to an army recruiter because they were the first to reach me and it seemed nice but i know that it is their job to persuade people an make their branch seem the best. I just want to know what benefits and jobs each branch offers as an officer. I hope to join the armed forces and gain experience to make a great career or even be in the armed forces having a great career. So if you guys can help me with finding good paying jobs as an officer and even majors I can take in college to help me that would be great! Sorry for all the questions but im desperate!!!

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    It depends on what you want to do as an officer. In my opinion Army offers a far wider variety of job options compared to Air Force. All officers make the same base pay, regardless of branch. Time in service and rank are the only variables there, with where you live and whether or not you're married or on special status adding additional money to your paycheck.

    Southern Illinois University has a pretty good Army ROTC program. Air Force there is ok, but all they do is march around in their Class Bs and watch powerpoint presentations. It won't really matter what you major in for either branch, though AF tends to prefer science/technical majors if you're aiming for a pilot slot, which is very hard to earn. Major in something you enjoy because whichever branch you choose your GPA will be worth about 40% of the score that determines whether or not you get the job you want.

    Army has 16 branches that you can research and figure out what you enjoy (i.e. Chemical, Infantry, Armor, Aviation, etc). Not sure on the Air Force branches but they shouldn't be hard to look up either.

    Benefits are the same as any person in the military: free health insurance, dental, housing allowance, fairly good pay for someone right out of college, etc. Good luck with your decision

    Source(s): Southern Illinois Army ROTC grad- 2004-2008 Worked as cadre for Army ROTC for 8 months after commissioning Current Aviation officer
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    A brief summary of officer opportunities for each branch (slightly tongue in cheek, but mostly accurate):

    Army/Marines: If you go combat arms, you will lead a platoon of men/tanks/helo's as a junior officer (O-1 to O-3). You will also have a lot of paper work. Once you become a senior officer, you may command a company (Note, I said "command", not "lead"). Your delegation, paperwork, and power point skill will be put to the test.

    Navy/Coast Guard: As a junior officer, you will be working your butt off to get your quals in. As a senior officer, expect a lot of paper work, and expect to be sipping a lot of latte's while everyone else runs around doing the busy work. When on watch on the Bridge or CIC, expect the enlisted guys to be doing all the math, all the calculations, and all the button pushing, while you nod your head and agree with whatever they say.

    Air Force: Unless you're a pilot (very very very very very very very very very slim chance) expect a desk job at a corporate office.

    Hope this helped!

    Source(s): Family and friends in every branch.
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    marines but you would have to go to combat if you join them so if your up for it there you go

    and they will pay for your housing, medical bills, college ect.

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