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Earths rotation and revolution question....?

Compare and contrast Earths rotation & revolution in terms of the movement involved and how their movements affect people.

ex: seasons, weather, etc..


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    For some, comparing rotation to revolution is much like comparing apples to apples and for others comparing rotation to revolution is like comparing apples to oranges. Both words can be used interchangeably to describe the turn about an axis or center. To move in such a way that all particles follow circles with a common angular velocity about a common axis. Thus, an astrophysicist explaining the orbital movements of the planets may rotate the words rotation and revolution in the same sentence even though both words mean the same thing. For example: The planet Earth follows its revolution around the sun while simultaneously experiencing its own rotation on its own axis. Here, both revolution and rotating mean the same thing but instead of using the same word twice, the sentence rotates words that mean the same thing. In this sense rotation should be defined as exchanging one unit (word) for another unit (word). There was, however, no revolution of words. When rotating words such as rotation and revolution there are other words that can be used in the rotation such as orbit or orbital. However, if one were to refer to this replacement system as a revolution of words the implication becomes confused and ill defined bringing about images of radical words bringing about drastic change withing the lexicon.

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