DOOL- Ciara, what was the whole kidnapping thing that went on?

I just started watching DOOL about three months ago. What happenned over the summer with Ciara's kidnapping. Full details gets best answer. Thanks.

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    In a nutshell : Hope made a big donation to the Autism foundation I think on behalf of Theo. Officer Dean Hartman read about it & knew Hope's family had $ & he was pissed off that Hope was promoted to lead detective or something. So he arranged for Ciara to be kidnapped at a friend birthday party at the park by a different man Ciara had seen before at a carnival & thought he was a "nice guy" so she followed him.

    Ciara was held captive in a hideout for at least a few days with Dean's accomplice's while they waited for the 5 million dollar ransom. Bo had a "vision" of Ciara being shot AFTER handing over the ransom & decided against paying the kidnappers. That is what sent Hope over the edge to start with. Then Dean killed his two accomplices to make himself look like the hero to get the ransom. Since he was an officer on duty he wasn't eligible to receive it.

    Later Hope invited Dean over to their house dinner to properly thank him for saving Ciara & Ciara recognized the sound of Dean's lighter clicking from when she was captive. Dean tried to tie up Hope & Ciara but Justin showed up to "aid" & later Bo. Dean was arrested but Hope was angry with Bo & that's why she moved out.

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    It's hard to explain but I'll try my best. Hope had made a large donation to some charity, and after that someone started following her and Bo's lives by reading about them in the papers and stuff. He figured that they were rich since Hope made such a large donation, and decided to kidnap Ciara as a way to get a ton of money from them. Things didn't go as planned though, Bo kept having visions that after Hope gave the ransom money Ciara would be shot and killed in front of her. Bo didn't want anything bad to happen to Ciara, so he decided against paying the ransom. Hope was mad about that and thought he should pay the ransom so they could get Ciara back. Bo ended up doing a missing child-type thing for TV about Ciara's kidnapping (against Hope's wishes, she thought it would just make things worse). After that they started getting phone calls from the kidnappers saying things like "If you want to see your daughter alive again you will pay the ransom." It ended up that the kidnapper was a cop who was mad that Hope was promoted to the position that the guy felt he deserved. He ended up playing hero and acting like he stumbled upon Ciara with two kidnappers (they were really working with him in the planning of the kidnapping and had Ciara blindfolded in a shack in the woods). He even shot one of them, who happened to be his girlfriend, and shot himself in the shoulder to make it look like there was a struggle before the woman died. I don't really remember what happened to the other kidnapper (he was the brother of the girl who was killed by her boyfriend). The guy who pretended he was the hero in all of this came to Bo and Hope's house with a gun and shot Justin, who was there at the time. Ciara was there for the whole thing and later Hope decided that it would be best to go out of town for a whole (Ciara was having trouble sleeping after her kidnapping). Justin had his cell phone with him and managed to call Bo and Bo was listening to the kidnapper talking to and threatening Hope. (Justin was kind of 'playing dead' and just lying there and managed to sneak his phone out while Hope and the kidnapper were talking). I don't quite remember how this all ended, but I think Bo came home, found the kidnapper, and arrested him. He hasn't been seen since early September.

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