Need help with names?

I need good names for the sims2 game.

Like first name, last name, middle names.

Also do yall like the name Carolyn Paige and Hannah Marie For twin girls on the sims their siblings names are Haleigh Renaee, and Charlie Micheal. The parents are Adam Ethan and Baleigh Renaee.

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    1 decade ago
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    Emily Michelle Drake

    Rebecca Susan Drake

    Jennifer Lucy Drake

    (they are sisters)

    Parents: Susan Louise Drake and Douglas Jeremy Drake

    Alexandra Kate Cherry

    Jonathan Luke Cherry

    (they are brother and sister)

    Parents: Barbara Jean Cherry and Peter Arnold Cherry

    Other names:

    Lucille Amber Jarrod

    Melissa Diane Shell

    Helen Fiona Goddard

    Max Henry Woodfield

    Lawrence Martin Colman

    Remy Solomon King

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  • 1 decade ago

    marie, tom, jon, luis, alex, makenna

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