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is this a good story idea? PLEASE HELP!?

okay, so i want to write a fantasy novel.

i am only 15, but i have been told that i am a naturally gifted writer, and have already had some short stories and poems published.

i want to write a fantasy with the following plot, but want to know if anyone thinks it's any good before i spend months on it .

- there is a young boy and girl, they are 16. they fall deeply in love and he gives her a package that is wrapped up. he tells her never to open it, as it is tying him to life. she agrees. soon after, war breaks out and they are to be separated. they vow to find each other again, and she promises that the protection of the package will be her sole priority, and she will never open it. soon after they part ways, she begins to be hunted down by groups of evil men. they want the package, as it contains the heart of the boy. the heart is secretly the passageway into another world, and the men believe that stealing it from her will make it their own. truly though, to use the portal, you must TRULY own the heart, as the girl does. this makes her queen of the "other world" and she must decide whether to finally open the package, and kill her love, saving her world and making her immortal, or to die herself, and close the passage forever, saving him.


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    There are fairy tales with a similar premise. (JK Rowling wrote one for The Tales of Beedle the Bard, but she didn't invent the idea.) The idea is that one part of the body, usually the heart, is what makes a person vulnerable to death, so if it could be taken out and kept somewhere safe, the rest of the body could never be killed. It's usually the villain of the story who does this.

    Your story starts with that idea, but goes in a different direction. It could work, but whether it's a good story depends mainly on how well you write it. You would need to explain why the boy or his heart is different from anyone else's. On the face of it, if one person has taken his heart out of himself, there's no reason why another person couldn't do the same thing, and that person might be more willing to help the bad guys than the girl is.

    True love alone isn't enough to make the story work. No matter how amazing and unique love seems when you're 16, you're not the only two people ever to have felt like that. (Every generation thinks they invented sex, possibly because the thought of your parents doing it seems repellent.) If there's something special about the boy, so that someone else's heart wouldn't work, *and* you need true love to open the portal, then that's good. Better - if you define true love as unselfish and altruistic - wanting what's best for the other person, even if it makes you worse off - then an evil person can't open the portal, because evil is fundamentally selfish.

    But be careful. Many, many fantasy stories have a McGuffin that can Save the World and can be used only by One Who Is Pure Of Heart. Somehow, the character whom the author designates to fill this role remains Pure Of Heart throughout the story, even if he's had to kill hundreds of the bad guy's minions to get to the point where he's supposed to use the McGuffin. Just once, I'd like to see the hero fried when he puts his hand on the Sacred Jewel, because he kicked the neighbour's dog when he was six, or saw the blacksmith's daughter bathing in the river when he was twelve and didn't immediately look away.

    EDIT: I'm getting tired of saying this... there's no need to worry about your ideas being copied (not stolen). One, you have no means of redress if it happens, because copyright doesn't protect ideas, and two, an idea for a book has no commercial value by itself. The public doesn't buy ideas. They buy books with ideas in them.

    Someone who copies your idea still has to write a book from it, if he wants to profit from it. That represents far more work than coming up with the idea in the first place. Someone who's capable of writing a book that's good enough to be published is capable of coming up with the idea for it on his own, and so would succeed regardless of whether he copied your idea to start with.

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    I like it...but is his heart literally in that "package" or like box thing....? If so, that would be kind of gruesome, but in a good way. I like that, but I'd put it in a sealed box, instead of a package. I think that if you write the war scenes, and describe the love between the two very well, then the book would be really lovely when it's finished. I like it, though! I like it a lot, actually. It'd probably be a very good story when it's finished. I think that she should kill her love in the end, because that's just so much more interesting then committing suicide to save her love, which is so boring. I love the idea of a good, pure, girl in love, that kind of turns "evil" and selfish by the end. I love that! I think that this would be a very good story idea. =]

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    Yes, I really like it. From the instant you introduce that package we just KNOW that someone is going to open it up (or want to) and we are dying to know what's in there. That's a great hook. The "truly owning" it bit adds a nice thematic layer, too.

    So get writing! And don't tell use any more about it till it's done, otherwise someone will steal your idea.

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    It does sound brilliant, but I would like to give you a warning. Try not to post ideas on here, somebody might steal it before you get a chance to write it. I think it's really original, and being an avid story writer myself I might, if I was a meanie, have considered stealing it. I won't, rest assured, but just thought I would warn you. Congrats on creating something that could potentially be quite interesting and I hope when I see this on the shelves that it is you who have put it there. :-)

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    It sounds great ^^

    When you say you've had work published before, was it done formerly? Perhaps you could get into contact with whoever assisted you with that and they could give you a more thorough opinion?

    With the plot you have so far it sounds fairly epic, were you thinking of a series perhaps? There's lots of sources online to help with finding agents etc.

    (note: if you don't understand this, please don't worry - but have you recently had blue in your hair??)

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    Actually that sounds like it could be an amazing read, now I'm not much for fantasy's but that sounds pretty awesome, SHE SHOULD SAVE THE WORLD. He should die heroically

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    Really fascinating and great plot . I think u should write it . and u r really naturally gifted writer.I wish u all the best for ur story and i am quite interrested to read the ending

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    It;s amazing and really interesting. It makes me want to read more. You are truelly talented. Keep up with the good work =)

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    That's actually a really good idea. I don't say that often... Especially on here.

    It sounds familiar but you seem to have everything worked out.

    I don't really have anything to offer here, but uh, woo hoo? :)

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