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do you think that is is a clean case of sexism in the courtroom?


400lb 5'9"woman sits on a 160lb 5'10"man killing him get 3 years probation if it was reversed the man would have gotten at least 5yrs jail/prison time


my bad 126lb 5'10"man

Update 2:

yes but most likely she was the abuser the no real physical way for that your just amusing that the man was the abuser but thats a stereotype

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    @Jutee: The concept of "self-defence" means, by definition, that the action was justified and therefore there are NO criminal penalties. No probation would be required if it was "self-defence". Simple concept, really.

    Meanwhile, the three women in your linked story (thanks by the way) are rapists and should be treated like any other rapists.

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    It says he was 126 pounds. Yes that is the "equality" that Feminists seek. It appears it was a DV murder of the man, and if the situation was reversed the man would have gotten at least 20 years in prison, not probation for murder!

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    Us feministed menz agri dat hee has eat commin'.

    Source(s): Feminizt Doctrinez.
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    If it was a deliberate act to murder the man then she should have been given a murder sentence.

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    No that sounds about right me. Us women have to give birth and so it means we should spend less time in prison.

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    Wow...I bet she feels like a million bucks.

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