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Time Demi Lovato will be at the BBC Radio 1 studios?

I'm hoping to go into london tomorrow to see Demi Lovato before she goes in to have her interview on the radio - thing is I don't know what time she's likely to arrive. I know the show shes being interviewed on starts at 7pm, and it goes on for 2 hours and 20 minutes - don't even know what time she'll be on within that time. Could always catch her while she's out, but it'll be roughly 9.30-10pm before she gets out but it's very late and ive got to get home first on the train that i believes stops running at 9pm.

Does anyone know her arrival time or can find out a bit more information as I'm just running like a blind chicken here, thank you :)


the show actually goes on for 3 hours!

even worse D:

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    According to her twitter, she has just arrived in London now - 1.45pm

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