what kind of training or short courses is good for someone who is 40 and want to have a carieer?

hi , i am in my 40s . i am a high school grad. i dont want to go to 4 year college , but i want to go to any training college or school for 2 year or less to any kind of education to have a better life and make more money . any suggetions? i like to work office job , fashion stuff or bussiness manegements .

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    There are trade schools near almost all geographical locations. Search under "City you live in trade schools." Also take a career apptitude/interest test to help guide you.

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    A class in spelling and grammar is a good place to start. Sorry if that sounds crass, but those basic skills are essential for a job. If you want to work in an office environment, then you must learn those skills. You cannot rely on spell check, it's not foolproof.

    As far as an education, consider an associates degree. Many community colleges offer 2 year business programs. Find a program that includes classes on Microsoft Office, basic accounting, marketing, intro to HR and other pertinent business skills.

    Unless you want to move to China and make the clothing, working in the fashion industry generally requires 4 years of design school, plus an apprenticeship.

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    My first suggestion would be to take an English course where you can learn grammar, punctuation and spelling. Then worry about finding a career.

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    I think the most money you will make with a two year degree is to be a RN, Nursing.

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