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teenage diet tips ?

i'm 15 and i'm looking for a good diet plan for teenagers, im not obssesed with loosing weight and being stick thin, i would just like to tone up a little, any suggestions?

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    I've been doing this mainly protein diet. Well it’s more of a life style change. It’s where you don't have as many carbohydrates- Chocolate, bread, flour. My whole families doing it to stay in shape. It sounds a little over the top but it really works! The whole thing is that I never feel hungry so I don't snack. In the morning I'll have Bacon and eggs with 1 bit of toast (carbohydrates are fine in the morning because you have the whole day to burn it off) then I’m fine till 12 or 1. Then I have something like cheese and apple or cook some chicken nibbles or something for lunch and dinner is around 7 maybe 8pm. Dinner should be small because you’ll find after dinner you don't do much so you don’t use the energy your bodies just been given and it turns into fat. I also do an hour’s exercise everyday in the morning but not on weekends. The only way to have your muscles to show is to be a healthy size. You can’t just do exercises or else the muscle won’t show because they are hidden under fat. So a good diet is necessary.

    I’m 15 too. I love it because I have heaps of energy never hungry and have a great shape.

    This may not work for everyone but it sure has for me!

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    stable im now no longer a teenage lady regardless of the indisputable fact that i understand some concerns. Malt o meal and oatmeal are remarkable with chocolate chips they're going to shelter you complete. sand witches are nicely for you and as long as you shop faraway from chips, snack cakes, and distinctive junk foodstuff then activity many times. and doze off early provided that for people who shop up previous due you are going to break your metabolism and sluggish down weight help. additionally power beverages caffeine and soda pop are all rather rather risky for you.

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    Actually, you don't need to diet in fact in order to lose weight, I discovered this at the site in the box below, they have a lot of tips, I worked off 6 pounds by following their tips.

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    be a vegetarian and be thin for life

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