Pink Floyd fans: are PF extremely pretentious & overrated (plz read details of the question)?

PF is the ultimate in smarmy, mellowed-out, overproduced, self-indulgent, snide elevator-music studio drivel for people that really don't like rock and roll in the first place. Listening to PF is like being forced to ingest Thorazine capsules in a dark depressing room with a TV set put on its' side showing a test pattern and then being suddenly told in a deep condescending voice that your parents have just been killed in a car crash. Then someone else tells you that everything is still OK though, in the ever-existing-time-space-cosmos or some such pseudo-intellectual crap. Sorry all of you elitist pen-clicking audiophiles and wannabee introspective new age spiritualists and former peyote burnouts, PF TOTALLY SUCKS!

Is it necessary for them to add sounds to everything? Like the cash register, I think there is a helicopter on one of their songs, boring. Innovative, but nothing special. You can say the same thing for their lasers in the live shows, innovative; but not indicative of any incredible musical talent. Their music is boring and slow, unfortunately. I think it's pretty stupid for all these kids here to be wearing DSOTM shirts, and not know anything about Pink Floyd besides the album.

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  • Josh
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    1 decade ago
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    I almost feel bad for you having to type out all this rubbish and get nothing accomplished. Pink Floyd were heavily moving in the prog-movement. If you don't like "pseudo-intellectual crap" go listen to something of a lower quality of intellect, such as Nickelback or DragonForce.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree I don't like some of their albums. For example, Atom Heart Mother seemed a bit drawn out and uninteresting.

    However, overall I think Pink Floyd is amazing, and I'm no "elitist audiophile". I could listen to both DSOTM and Meddle on repeat and never get tired of them. Roger Waters is a lyrical genius. David Gilmour has one of the best singing voices I've heard, his guitar playing isn't bad either. Richard Wright's keyboard work is incredible. Nick Mason's drums nicely complement the songs.

    I respect other people's musical tastes, but I don't know why you're hating on PF so much. I'm sure I can find flaws in whatever you listen to.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pink Floyd is a taste, no need to call us PF fans douches, that just makes you sound like a d*ck you *** hole.Oh and if you find Pink Floyd boring, go listen to some of yo hippidy hoppidy thats got dat good "beats." Pink Floyd is the apitomy of complication and beauty in rock music, they take music from a means of entertainment to an art form. Oh and don't say they don't have talent, they invented so many musical effects and are masters of their respective instruments. My major problem is, why do you care? Comment me back with an edit to this question, because I really want to know, because you sound like some music wannabe that thinks screamo rap is the best genre of music ever. Actually, your such a douc*e, i would love to shove David Gilmours god guitar up your a hole.

    Oh I love your metaphore, your one sick bastard.

  • 6 years ago

    That is an interesting perspective, but you give yourself away as being nothing more than a hater. Despite your creative use of superlatives and somewhat accurate assessments, your criticisms of the use of "sounds" as being innovative but boring show just how much you are overextending in search of negatives that just aren't there, a desperation on your part to prove what you are unable to validate legitimately. Pink Floyd has always had they're harsh critics, and they were always an experimental band. When they were good, they were very good, when they were bad it was equally extreme and down right painful. Give credit where it's due, and until your album goes double platinum, you may want to find some stronger arguments before writing them down in public.

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  • Paula
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    4 years ago

    Overreact much? PF had a looooong career, the early albums like saucer full of secrets and obscured by clouds (my fav) are way different then darkside, the wall, division bell etc. If you don't like them that's cool, but not sure why you would write a long rant abou them...spending lots of time on something you don't like and knowing the fans will leap to the bands defense? Altho I agree with you on kids wearing dsotm t's, its like people who wear che shirts, he ordered so many people to be killed bc they didn't believe in his brand of communism, and he died a coward...any way, think ill go listen to some floyd now .=)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They certainly became the band your'e describing in their later years after Roger Waters left and they became the rock group of choice of middle aged men in suits but they didn't start out that way. 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' is a wonderfully entertaining timeless album, unlike most of the other hippy trippy crap of the time.

    Whatever you think of DSOTM, everybody and their grandma owns a copy but this is because it's just a damn fine album, not their best, but again compare to it to other stuff at the time it hs aged very well.

    Pink Floyd arent my favourite band but I play the following at least once a month and never tire of them. 'Wish You Were Here', Animals, Atom Heart Mother and The Wall'

    It's a shame that they are not remembered for being an innovative, original and exciting rock band.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How many times do you have to ask this question?

    I mean, we get it. You don't like Pink Floyd, are a pretentious elitist douche yourself, and generalize all Pink Floyd fans. Good for you. Now find something else to do with your time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ok. You don't like them. I think we get the point, buddy.

    By the way, why would you direct this question towards fans? Just to get a rise out of the people who actually like Pink Floyd? Maybe, we'd respect your opinion a little more, if you were an innovative, music world-changing musician too.

    Good lordy. And your calling the fans elitists? You're the one coming in here, with your big britches and your "holier than thou" attitude, telling us that you're right and we're wrong. A hot-headed, hypocritical elitist, if I ever saw one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree that little kids wearing Dark Side of the Moon shirts is dumb. I feel the same way when I see Led Zeppelin, ACDC, GnR, and Def Leppard. None of them really understand their greatness. Yes, Pink Floyd is great. And you are probably a dumb son who doesn't have a clue what good music is. I am not a big fan of PF but I know that they are talented musicians who've made really good music.

  • you're exactly right Ron. exactly.

    thank you, for your intelligent argument, you have indeed persuaded me to stop liking pink floyd after years of being a fan. thank god we have the internet so that people like you can broadcast your message on this site phrased in the form of a rhetorical question that no one is willing to help with and in turn which you dont really need help with because you're not really expecting an answer, but rather blaring your message to people you dont know instead of the friends around you. however, i suspect the reason you're not trumpeting your conclusion to the friends you have around you is because they have all left, because you seem to be a pushy self-aggrandizing moron.

    but like i said, i completely agree now that ive read your well phrased intelligent argument. thank you for your service sir, what would we do without people like you?

    Source(s): i did however just read your comparison in the first paragraph and i must say although you're one sick fuck, at least you're creative. standing O from me sir, fine rant fine rant. i actually have a song to dedicate to you now, if time permits? that ones for you my good friend. enjoy
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