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Canada Post Tracking Services?

Hi there,

Well I need to send some people in the United States some lightweight stuff, and I need it to have tracking and the price has to be reasonable.

So which Canada Post services have tracking? How much do they cost? (NO XPRESSPOST or PRIORITY MAIL)

Also, what's the difference between Canada Post Light Packet USA and Canada Post Small Packet USA?


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    Im not a postage calculator so I cant tell you the cost. But, I have shipped a lot, and the difference between the small packet and small is the weight. Your parcel cannot weigh more then 500grams from light packet, and a small packet cannot weigh anymore than 1 kilogram. So you have twice the weight allowance for small packets. These means are sent by airmail and do generally arrive anywheres from 4-8 days, but, I have seen them take three weeks.

    Your allowed to take any form of Canadapost mail and put a registration code on it. You tell them when you go to ship the parcel that you want it shipped via registered mail. It only costs like $3 more. So you'll have the price of the parcel, plus the $3-$4 for registering it. Just so you know, in this world, you get what you pay for, with registered mail, the only tracking it will have is when it was posted (by yourself) and when it is delivered. Everywhere it goes in between there is no data. Once in a while someone is nice and you get a tracking in between. But understand it is not a priority item, so it will be handled accordingly.

    Oh I forgot to say, if your item is over the 1kg limit for a small packet, then your best and cheapest option is using expediated parcel. This is not Express post or priority, its just a faster way to send bigger parcels to the usa.

    Honestly, for all it costs, and the difference it makes, If I were you I would use Express. It only costs a little more, maybe $7-$14 more, and you have all of the goods. You have priority tracking and handling, Trust me, it is alot less nerve racking. You have a good idea where it is at all times, insurrance on it, and its the best bang for the buck. I tried priority worldwide once and wasnt impressed, it was a letter sent from new brunswick to florida, it reached there in three days. For the price, I would have rather used express. Express is the overall best bang for your buck and I have no clue why you do not want to use it? Its really not that expensive. UNLESS, you are shipping something heavy, which you say your shipping light stuff.

    Look obviously you dont have no experience in shipping, just trust me, use Express. 90% of shippers use express post. A quick tour of any canadian website that ships will show you that.

    I hope this has helped.

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    The tracking depends on which one you choose, but it would probably be less than 5 dollars

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    Informative replies, just what I was looking for.

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