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Father-Daughter Wedding Quotes (Father recently passed away)?

My Dad passed away suddenly & unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. I am trying to find a good saying or poem to remember & honor my dad during my wedding ceremony but haven't had any luck. Anyone know of one?

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    You might find something in the links below, or maybe ideas for your own poem.

    I also included a couple poems I found online.


    by Judy Burnette many images come to mind

    whenever I speak your name;

    It seems without you in my life

    things have never been the same.

    What happened to those lazy days

    when I was just a child;

    When my life was consumed in you

    in your love, and in your smile.

    What happened to all those times

    when I always looked to you;

    No matter what happened in my life

    you could make my gray skies blue.

    Dad, some days I hear your voice

    and turn to see your face;

    Yet in my seems

    the sound has been erased.

    Dad, who will I turn to for answers

    when life does not make sense;

    Who will be there to hold me close

    when the pieces just don't fit.

    Oh, Dad, if I could turn back time

    and once more hear your voice;

    I'd tell you that out of all the dads

    you would still be my choice.

    Please always know I love you

    and no one can take your place;

    Years may come and go

    but your memory will never be erased.

    Today, Jesus, as You are listening

    in your home above;

    Would you go and find my dad

    and give him all my love.

    Not Just A Father

    (author unknown)

    Not just a father was he

    But a daddy and a friend

    Even when he punished me

    The purpose had an end

    He traded away his youth

    Worked hard day and night

    Dedication revealing truth

    To raise his children right

    One of the last of a generation

    Of fathers tough and true

    Earned our respect and admiration

    Like good role models do

    His time on earth has ended

    And although I'm empty and sad

    Wounds are somehow mended

    With loving memories of my dad

    I'm sorry about your father's passing but believe me when I say that he will be there at your wedding, because he will always be a part of you. And remember to keep smiling, as this is your wedding day, and he will be smiling too.

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    I've done a few programs with a memorial poem on the back or inside right. Here are some good sites to help you find the perfect poem for you:

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