Haiti....Earthquake or Bomb explosion?? hmmmmm?

I've been thinking...California has earthquakes and they never caused as much damages as it has in Haiti.Why is over 100,000 ppl dead? Can an earthquake cause this much casualities and damage?? Can we say...a bomb exploded??? A fisherman heard the ocean rumbling and the water actually moved back and then towards the shore...interesitng...anyhow,I think a bomb was thrown.By who?? I dont know...but I have a feeling.


uhmmmm yea so do I

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Thank you Harley!!

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cricket,you just killed the english language.Go back to elementary school and go learn proper grammar.

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    Seriously? A bomb?

    There is never as much damage in a place like California for several reasons:

    a. California is known to be very seismically active. Meaning, they have lots of earthquakes and we have know this for a very long time. Haiti has not had an earthquake in over 200 years despite the fact that it is situated near a fault line.

    b. California is a fairly wealthy state in a wealthy nation. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere and one of the poorest in the entire world.

    c. California and the United States have highly organized, regulated and stable governments. Haiti has a history of being a poor colony and then multiple coups and political upheavals.

    d. You put these facts together. California knows earthquakes are fairly common and imminent so they have enacted strict building codes and regulations so that the buildings are designed to withstand the activity. They also have the money to retrofit old buildings to protect them and minimize injuries. Californians know the idea that the will probably see an earthquake is accepted and hence they have emergency plans in place. Haiti had none of this. The buildings were old, those that were new were built cheaply and were not designed to stand up to the force. The government had no contingency plans or emergency plans.

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    Earthquake, 7.0 on the Richter scale (that means quite destructive). The impact an earthquake depends on: the population of the area, the resistance of the houses, the land the houses are built on, the shalowness of the epicentre of the earthquake, the durance of the attack and the time of day that it hits.

    In haitis case, the earthquake caused such casualties because it hit at late evening where many people are in their homes, the country is one of the poorest in the world so the builduings are poorly built, and the ground was unstable.

    Who would launch a bomb attack on haiti? thats just a silly idea.

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    Have you thought of having what little brain you have, closely examined, or maybe you could thing it through for yourself. Please explain the aftershocks, also in that area, with an earthquake that big, of course you would have a "sunami" (water moves away from land, and then surges in toward land)

    This was a very small sunami Thank goodness. Crawl back under your blanket and quit trying to start rumors. There are enough jackasses in the world.

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    Bomb? Haha. Haiti doesn't have good laws for permits and inspections and standards of construction. Plus that quake was bigger than anything the US has seen since SF in the early 1900's.

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    I doubt it was a bomb, don;t you think that all the professionals out in Haiti from outside the country would have noticed

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    I really do wish logic/reason was a compulsory subject in school.

    It was an earthquake. End of story.

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    Your question emphasizes the need for quality education in the U.S.

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    Oh may god. Stupidity runs rampant.

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    I am at a loss to explain why the dominican republic on the other half of the island is TOTALLY unaffected

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