Is HTML and Web Design hard to learn?

Is html hard to learn? I am a photography major, and work with photoshop a lot and I have seen how to design a web page and I'm positive I can design one the way I want it to look, but the html part and actually getting it on the web is a whole other process that I don't know. I have heard that you use dreamweaver? Is this right? I have the whole adobe creative suite, so I have dreamweaver. I have been trying to do some graphic design work in photoshop and starting to use illustrator so I can hopefully add it to the list of services that I can provide for people, when I get my business going. The graphic design is going good, I know it is different than web design, but just thought to throw that out there.I would love to be able to create my own web site rather than paying someone, since I will most likely be constantly making changes to the info on it.

I know it is going to take awhile and quite a few classes I'm assuming, just curious to how hard the whole thing is to understand. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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    The only difficulty with HTML is remembering. Remembering what does what. After much use it becomes easy. The fact that you have Dreamweaver will not make you a web designer on opening the program. It is perhaps about as hard to learn as Photoshop is. You know what that is like. My suggestion is to first "learn" HTML then learn Dreamweaver, if you feel you must. An excellent place to start would be at For a very reason price, there are three courses, each six weeks in length where you will learn HTML or more specifically XHTML. These three courses can be found in the Available Courses section under Web Related. Build Your Own Website - I, II and III. The only thing you will need is Notepad. Yep, Dreamweaver not allowed. After you take those three classes, then sign up for the Dreamweaver class. If after all that, if you are still not satisfied with what you can do, start in on the classes found under Web Programming.

    Think of it this way. Could you have learned Photoshop on your own, doing a little reading and looking at tutorials. Yes, but not as quickly as having formal instruction. I know many who have tried to learn PS on their own and they still don't understand layers after years of working with the program.

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    I don't think HTML is hard to learn. Once you know about twenty tags you will have sufficient to build a basic page upon which you can place a design. These days with the separation of content from presentation, the major thing you need to learn from a design perspective is CSS. In my opinion this is a bit harder to learn than HTML, but not much. To get an idea of how CSS can be used to radically alter the appearance of the same HTML page take a look at

    If you do want to learn HTML and CSS as a graphic designer, I strongly advise against anything more sophisticated than a syntax highlighting text editor (such as Notepad2). Definitely leave Dreamweaver alone until you have a thorough understanding of the code that it produces - that is until you are competent to write HTML and CSS on your own.

    If you want to give HTML a go, I suggest you try the free HTML tutorials at

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    I'm a Web Mastering teacher. We start our students to write html tags using Windows NotePad and Explorer browser to view them. I highly recommend you learn html first before you use a Rapid Application Development (RAD) software. There are lots of very free tutorials and free pdf textbooks out there you can use. The best RAD program out there is DreamWeaver. You just drag components and images to the page. It will cost you about $300.00 but it includes Flash and FireWorks and some other extras.

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    To be honest, HTML isn't the easiest thing to learn. I learned it by practice and baby steps. If you use Proboards to make your website, HTML is very simple there! Using Freewebs, you need to know it good. Try this website: It's an interactive tutorial which I also used. It's very good!

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    Hi! You don't actually need to learn HTML, I know nothing and I've done a really nice web site that gets lots of visitors. I've used

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