Do you think Edgar Cayce was just talking in his sleep?

Or were spirits talking through him?


TR.. Because of things that happened to me.. I don't think he was pulling a scam. I believe it can happen.I KNOW I wasn't pulling a scam, (but then you think I'm nuts.. so I won't try to convince you.)

.Besides.. people were healed through the info he gave them..and he wasn't a dr. , was he?

Update 2:

OK TR.. Maybe he got his info from a not so smart spirit. Maybe some grannie who practiced "old wives tales" and "home remedies". I still don't think it came from him ..except through his mouth.You really can get into another dimension through trances. I think that's what I was doing...trances...without realizing it. I try not to let it happen anymore. I was so naive myself into things I had no business getting into.

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  • Pascha
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    1 decade ago
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    I think he was talking when he was in a trance. What he said was written down either by his wife Gladys or someone else.

    Cayce himself said that when he went into trance he accessed the Akashic Record. He did not get his information from any spirit, but the knowledge of many people with healing knowledge and experience is in the Akashic Record.

    His readings on health matters were very useful. The Association of Research and Enlightenment maintains a library with his readings, and people can get this information today for the conditions they are researching.

    Especially useful are Cayce's reading on the use of Castor Oil Packs. He did not invent them. People used them before, but he tapped into this knowledge.

    I have never heard of what TR is talking about. It sounds made up. If Cayce harmed a member of his family I never heard of it.

    Even during Cayce's life there are those who tried to accuse him of being a scam artist. He was not.

    Today in the age of pill poppers, low tech healing is portrayed as a scam. And Cayce's getting this knowledge in an unconventional way makes him open to all sorts of attacks.

  • John
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    1 decade ago

    You named only 2 possibilities, Deenie, but there are more. That's called a false dichotomy.

    Another possibility was that he was pulling a scam. I think this is the likeliest possibility.

    EDIT: No Deenie, there isn't good evidence that anyone was healed through Cayce, at least in any paranormal way. In fact, his quackery contributed to at last two deaths in Cayce's own family. This is a guy who recommended a bloody skin from a freshly killed rabbit be placed over the breast to cure breast cancer. However, I'm sure there was no shortage of people whose power of suggestion led them to think that Cayce actually did something to heal them, and stories like that do travel.

  • 1 decade ago

    Cayce seemed to be linked to some superior knowledge. His comments related to numerous questions related to illness document an uncanny ability to discern details that no human would know about. It is too bad that the proof of his abilities are more anecdotal than scientific.

    It is unfortunate that since his death no one appears able to reproduce his readings or abilities. You could claim that he was a sham as easily as you could claim he was a true psychic.

    Source(s): Studied Cayce.
  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, Deenie. He was 'tapping-in' to the knowledge that is available to all sympathetic minds-his way of putting it. The spiritual realm. His books are fascinating. I believe he spoke in his own voice, transmitting that which others showed him in trance. I'm especially intrigued by his description of Jesus while He was on Earth.

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  • Dr. NG
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    1 decade ago

    Neither, I believe he was running a scam.

  • eri
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    1 decade ago

    Neither, he knew very well what he was doing. Have you read about him? He was just a scam artist.

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