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Why is Merengue becoming so popular in Puerto Rico?

I've watched WAPA tv before and almost every commercial has a Merengue song in it and even their new years special was full of Merengue. I was watching WAPA TV's newn year's special and Telemicro's (dominican channel) new year's special and I really couldn't tell the difference, it was all Merengues! Of course, Puerto Ricans also love their Bomba and Plena.

Is it because that crappy Salsa romantica has completely taken over and Salsa is dead?Merengue, minus the sh*tty urban Merengue still keeps it's authenticity, can't say the same for Salsa. And most of our legends like El Conjunto Quisqueya, Fernando Villalona, Johnny Ventura, Juan Luis Guerra etc. are still alive, only a few authentic Salseros are still alive. But still, there's no Hector Lavoe, Ray Barretto, Ismael Rivera, Celia Cruz etc.The only people still around are Ruben Blades, Oscar D'Leon, Willie Colon, Jose Alberto (notice how most of these guys aren't Puerto Ricans? HAHA) and of course there are a few decent Cuban acts who don't get any recognition compared to the pretty boy pop stars coming out of Puerto Rico.

Why are you mooching off of our music? You can't do it like us!:

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail

Is this the best you can do?:

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Merengue is older than the "Salsa" concept and about the same age as most of the Afro-Cuban rythims that are now refered to as Salsa.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I got 2 questions for you.

    what the heck are you tourturing yourself watching WAPA when you hate Puertoricans and in what century do you live in? who told you merengue was popular now in PR, merengue has been popular in PR for years dude!

    get out the closet and smell the earth, youve been in the cell for too long.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Merengue been popular in Puerto Rico since it's birth in HIspaniola [Dominic Republic].

    Merengue is Salsa but with a faster tempo. Salsa came first and Merengue later. You information is not only inaccurate but misleading and racist.

    Good day.

    1 last thing.

    Salsa is more popular worldwide than Merengue, even reggaeton is more popular than Merengue.

    How is Salsa more popular than Merengue, worldwide? Because like I said before they sound the same. Only people who can actually distinguish both is us, Caribbean Latinos =p

    Merengue should be thank Puerto Rico for it's existence, especially since our currency is US Dollars and only country who enjoys Merengue who has large audience and stronger currency than the other countries who love Merengue too by the majority of their population.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why does bother you that many boricuas like merengue?

    Your musicians love that, mainly because domonicans do not buy enough CDs to keep them at the economic level they like. Your legends loved to come to PR to sing in ourTV shows and in our hotel ballrooms.

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