Michael Jackson family WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?

Between Titianna and Michael?

Some people said she got fired for kissing him

Some people said she lied about kissing him

Some people said she refered to him as Jako

Some people said WOOWWLWLWL

What happened???

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    uh.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjNgx8xe3Nw

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    and... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjlZWHd4o_A

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    2:19 on second video

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    I understand that you wonder; it's hard to understand what really happened between Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen, since it's two versions of the story.

    In an interview with Tatiana about her new released book "The Way He Made Me Feel", she claimed that they didn't have an affair really, and she said that the kiss she gave him on stage, was planned. She didn't seem to understand why she got fired and kicked of the tour by Frank Dileo, Michael's manager.

    In an OTHER interview, she said that she was kicked of and all that, but that she had a little chrush on Michael, and he had a chrush on her too. Michael's mom even talked to Tatiana about how happy she was about them liking each other, and she insisted that they should talk more often and get to know each other, since Michael had told his mom that he liked Tatiana.

    But Tatiana kissed Michael on stage, and this didn't the manager like, so she got fired since that wasn't a thing that was supposed to happen, and it would lead to things and they didn't have time for "trouble" like that I guess, the reasons for her getting fired are unclear. Michael did not decide that, I think he actually rather wanted her on the tour, I don't know.

    But that's the story, or at least two sides of it. But I think Tatiana lied, because she kissed him 'cus she LIKED him, but she won't realize it and say the truth in public. This kiss was not planned, as she claimed; http://groupieblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/tat...

    Conclusion: They liked each other a little, but she kissed him, he was busy with the tour, Mike's manager kicked her off, and after that they didn't spoke to each other anymore.

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    There is no way to know for certain what actually occured between Michael and Tatiana. However, we do know for sure that Tatiana took it upon herself to change the routine a little bit and actually kissed Michael Jackson during the performance, and that she was subsequently fired by Frank Dileo for doing so. We don't know for sure whether it was Michael's wish to fire her or not, but considering she reportedly waited outside of his trailer for hours and he wouldn't speak to her, we can assume he simply didn't want a relationship with her. I also think that if Michael wanted her to remain on the tour, he easily could have made it happen. He was the boss, not Frank Dileo. I think she was just too starstruck - remember, she was getting close to the biggest young heartthrob of that era, of course she'd want to hold onto that. However, Michael has made it clear several times that he isn't comfortable around people who are too starstruck and who are also playing for his attentions. He wanted people in his life who he could be certain weren't interested in him for fame or money.

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    I'm not a huge fan of her, so my answer is probably bias, sorry.

    She was fired for kissing Michael.

    She said at one point it was pre-decided but apparently then she said it wasn't.

    She also gave away some of his personal thoughts or feelings etc, which she didn't have much right to do.

    I have no idea about her calling him Jacko but I do know people who claim to like him who also call him that - so long as she didn't put 'wacko' in front of it, that's not really a reason to dislike her.

    We will never know the full story of what happened seeing as Michael is no longer here with us.

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  • she got fired for kissing him.

    she wrote a book "the way he made me feel"

    well she didnt lie cuz there is a pic online of them kissing...

    i watched an interview by her and she said that he was like testing her, he bit his lip and she said he looked so sexy she had to kiss him! lol one word LUCKY!

  • because of the kiss she messed up Michael Performance but he got back on track after words

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    Yea I think she got fired for kissing him on stage

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    Words cant describe how hot he was", you dont now how much i agree with you there. But Come together at the end of the moonwalker film was the sexiest performance EVER!!!!!! Thriller and BAD

  • she got fired, and she tried talking to him again but kathrine turned michael away from her, kathrine always interfered with love interest.

    resulting in tatiana looking like a starstruck in love girl.

  • she got fired coz she kissed MJ is stage in BAD tour during the way you make me feel song.but atleast she got to kiss him.

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    she got fired for kissing him onstage. at least she got to kiss him.

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