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What did he mean when he said "let's just forget we ever met"?

There's this guy who has liked me since I met him. I didn't really like him, though. I was neutral about him. He liked me enough that he stood up for me. This "thing" named TJ was constantly telling everyone that I was a whore. Austin went and told her that she needed to leave me alone, and she kicked him in his balls. He said the pain didn't matter to him. I thought it was a nice thing for him to do, but I never really thought that much about him.

When I broke up with my cheating boyfriend he told me that he loved me, and I thought that he was kind of sweet, so I gave him my number. We were texting, and every once in a while he would remind me how much he loved me, and he said that he would be fine with me not dating him because he wanted me to be happy. So, I started dating (the greatest boyfriend I've ever had) Kyle and I started ignoring Austin. I stopped talking to him, and I didn't respond to his text messages. I thought he would get the hint that I didn't like him.

Today he texted me saying, "Why didn't you just tell me you didn't like me? I would've been able to get on with my life a lot sooner." I told him that me dating Kyle was me telling him that I didn't like him. He said "You know me. I'm an idiot. I don't pick up on these things." I said I was sorry he didn't get the memo. He responded a little later "It's cool. I'm a happier idiot knowing I can finally get on with my life. Let's just forget we ever met."

Does he not love me anymore? Why would he say "let's just forget we ever met"? He isn't a bad guy, but I don't understand why he would say that.I liked knowing that he loved me. I'm not sure if he does anymore, and for some reason I feel kind of sad.

I really want an honest answer. Please?

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    You want a honest answer?

    You were a ***** to him. To not tell him you didn't like him and to ignore him and say your sorry " he didn't get the memo." You shouldn't have treated someone that cared and took care of you like he did like crap. What goes around comes around. That wasn't fair to him that you just dropped him like trash bc a new man came into your life.

    What he mean by " lets just forget we ever met" was saying he doesn't want to know you. He wants it to be just like you treated him with the no texting and talking to him. That's how you did treated him like you didn't know you guys never met.

    Sounds to me like your very don't want to love him and give yourself to him but you don't want him to leave you. So you think its ok to have your cake ( your boyfriend) and eat it too ( having Austin still there to love you and when you have no one else)

    Maybe you have more feelings for him then you think.

    Treat people like you want to be treated.


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    First of all, why do you care if he loves you anymore? Didn't you say that you were neutral towards him>> Didn't you say that you have the greatest boyfriend you've ever had?? I can see why this guy is so are sending him conflicting messages..first you're neutral, then you're afraid you're losing him..What's up with you??

    If you don't want the guy, give him a break and let him go..quit dragging his heart around..Let him get on with his life..leave him alone..and be with the greated boyfriend you've ever had!

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    He probably still loves you, he's just hurt.Us guys don't pick up on these things that easily, you probably should've told him you met someone else and that you really like that guy. He probably thought you were leading him on and playing with his emotions. Took me a couple of months to get over my ex g/f, I'm sure he still loves you,but for how long. He will get over it,eventually.

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    So you like knowing that he loves you ? but you are dating someone else , and you don't understand why he said let's just forget we ever met?

    The boy told you he loves you, how did you think he loves you as a friend ?

    You obviously hurt him very bad, he said he loves and you go and date another guy and don't have the balls to tell him that and you ingnore him

    How do you think he felt ? used ,abuses ? by whom ... you, the person he loves, of course he wants to forget about you you just broke his heart , and you're standing here saying ohhh but i like the fact that he loves me ,shame on you

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    He thought he had a chance with you, and you weren't straight with him. It hurt his feelings. And what, you want him to love you even though you don't, just so you feel better. Sorry, but things don't work that way.

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    He probably does love you but it hurts so he'd rather have not met you. I feel the exact same way. brother lu you're spot on.

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    he wants to try and forget that you ever existed and remove every feeling he ever had for you. it sounds like you didn't care about him at all and you hurt him... of course you liked using him and knowing that he loved you. but he's gotten smart and realized that you're trouble and that he should forget about you.

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    so in other words; you like having a this guy waiting on a string for you.... thats horrible! he wants to move on! you totally led him on... and i agree with that thing "TJ" you are one xP how whoreish of you to do that to this poor guy

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    for ***** sake, you asked the same question yesterday with different names

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    well he was crushed u went out with someone and the best thing for him 2 do is erase u from his life duh!! and now hes going to look for other girls

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