Can I file for the last two years if I had messed up on a previous tax return?

Ok so 2006 I messed up our taxes doing them myself and we owe $4,000 well in 2007 I tried to send my taxes in but since 2006 was messed up my totals were off. I was dumb and assumed that the IRS took the refund and applied it to what we owe. So 2008 I tried to do our taxes online again with the same issue. My question is how can I fix this and pay what we owe? Can I do it online or would it be better to have like HR Block help...will that cost a ton? I did a free federal tax online for 2009 and it says we will be getting back $8,000. Haven't submitted it yet. HELP!

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    I would HIGHLY recommend you seek professional help to get this matter resolved. If your owing $4,000 in 2006 was due to an error on your part, they can resolve that issue and you would not owe anything that was in error (unless you got $4,000 back that you were not eligible for, then you will of course still owe that). If you have submitted returns for the following years, that were correct, then there should be no more issues. If there were errors on them as well, then they w ill need to be amended. Each year will be a different return and a different cost.

    Do not fail to file simply because of this issue, though. The longer you owe the IRS, if you do owe, the more fines and interest fees you will incur. Go ahead and get help with this years return, and let them offset any taxes owed from your return you are expecting to get. You have to pay it back eventually anyway.

    They can and will set you up on a payment plan, and you can avoid legal trouble if you did not commit fraud. Be sure to have your records for the last 7-10 years on hand. Because of your past troubles, you are more likely to be audited.

    Again, do not just fail to file because of the issue. It wille ventually catch up with you, and they could end up garnishing wages, bank accounts, etc. Cooperate with them. They are a powerful entitiy, which makes them scary, but they are NOT the enemy.

    I would definitely seek professional help. Not being mean, but your admitted mistake trying to do it yourself is what started the problems...and it has continued. Seems logical that getting professional help would be the best idea as opposed to continuing the cycle you have been on for the last four years.

    EDITED TO ADD: The tax professional might suggest you submit the amended returns for years past before submitting for this year, that way this years is not automatically flagged. Get started TOMORROW, though.

    I wish you the best!

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    Call the IRS and ask them to give you transcripts of your accounts for the trouble year. Then file form 1040x which is known as amendment form.

    As far doing it online, you can not, it should be send to the IRS by mail.

    There are many tax professional out their in your area, check one of them and let them do the job

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  • 3 years ago

    ur formerly emolyeer had deducted ur taxes so oftentimes u isn't to blame for the taxes to be paid one by one on ur income income. yet when u produce different income u would nicely be to blame. sure u would nicely be tracked via the income Tax branch if ur formerly company's tax deducted at factors will be confirmed via ur go back which u have not filed. U ought to document ur returns. U can take help of on-line filing of returns or a C.A.'s help or maybe help of tax go back prepares. Dey r employeed via I.T. Dept. for helping in filing returns. wish those ideas help u. Bye N do document ur returns. otherwise u could have hardship. be a gud citizen.

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    You can check in advance if you are flagged for offset or not by calling FMS Autoresponder line at 1-800-304-3107.

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