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Should law abiding citizens have the right to carry guns in church?

I live in Texas and it is a Class A misdemeanor here, for a law abiding Texan with a conceal carry license to carry a firearm in church. I myself have a conceal carry license and I am upset because I cannot conceal carry my firearm in church, it is against the law here in Texas. I believe that church is a sacred place and deserves to be respected. But I also fear for the innocent law abiding citizens who attend church, who are sometimes left at the mercy of a deranged criminal. When a church has been designated as a "Gun Free Zone" by the state government, law abiding citizens are affected because they no longer can carry the "means" to protect themselves with, while criminals and evildoers who operate outside of the law (outlaws) are not affected and see this as an opportunity to prey on the defenseless law abiding citizens.

We are all aware of news that talk about deranged individuals entering churches around the country and killing and wounding defenseless church members, including pastors. In most of these situations, a law abiding gun owner could have intervened to stop the carnage and save his fellow brethren.

News Links about Gunmen killing people in church:

Texas Gun Law Prohibiting Guns in Church (Section 46.035, B6) Texas Penal Code

Should law abiding citizens have the right to carry guns in church? YES or NO? Why?

I believe that all law abiding citizens must have the right to carry guns in church. I am planning to challenge this law in the courtroom soon. CG vs. State of Texas.

Curious George, Deer Hunter, Correctional Officer, and Soon Future Gun Rights Activist

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    So, the overwhelming response - as you would expect - will be yes you should be able to carry concealed in church if you are legally allowed to carry at all.

    The really interesting question is, I don't think the law is constitutional. Essentially, it is the state interferring with the internal rules of a protected non - profit. It seems like it could violate the separation of church and state or freedom of religion to not allow the Church to set their own rules. If it were a business the protections aren't necessarily the same - for example out here it is illegal to carry in a bar, which I think has been tested and upheld.

    So if you seriously plan on challenging it, then sincerely, good luck! I'd probably talk to the NRA or the Second Amendment Foundation as they take these sorts of causes up if they think they will advance gun rights and you have a chance.


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    Read the American Rifleman. There is an article called The Armed Citizen every issue. Also, the New American Magazine has an article called Exercising the Right. These magazines both give examples every issue of a firearm defending a law abiding citizen, or preventing a crime. According to the FBI, a firearm prevents a criminal act over a million times a year. The media will not report these incidents because they are in opposition to the anti-Second Amendment propaganda. When you understand that mainstream media is just propaganda for the New World Order, you stop watching it.

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    Even if the law did not prohibit carrying weapons in churches, churches in Texas would have the right to post the proper signs prohibiting the licensed carry of concealed weapons.

    A minister would probably be exempt from the law because he/she is in charge of the premises. The minister could also designate certain persons to act as armed security and have them licensed as commissioned security officers who would also be exempt under the law but would be required to carry their sidearms openly and wear a distinct uniform.

    Law enforcement officers are exempt from the law; they are allowed/required to carry their weapon at all times with very few exceptions (some courts, all correctional facilities, secured areas of airports without specific authorization, etc.). They can even lawfully carry their guns in government buildings and school zones.

    As for CHL holders, I know some who do carry in church. Remember, someone has to complain for there to be an incident and if the parishioner is on good terms with the pastor, it's unlikely there would be an incident. HOWEVER, if the occasion arose when the licensee had to use the gun, even if totally justified, that person is liable to arrest and may be convicted of UCA. The DA might not press the charges, but the officer would probably have no choice but to make the arrest and you could lose your CHL.

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    Supposedly there should be sanctity within Gods house but; there have been shootings over a divorce granted by a bishop, priest, an abortion rights Doctor was shot etc and so on. I believe the right should be an individual one but it should be concealed and a smaller weapon then usually carrying like a .380 Beretta or .32 cal.

    For those who advocate the seperation of church and state policy, Roe v Wade was about that, the ndividuals right to choose between hat they felt was right to do, not a church, not a state but the individual.

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    Yes they should. A few months ago, someone walked into a church in Missouri and started shooting people. He even killed at least 1 person, and injured others. I don't really remember the details of what happened, but I'm pretty sure that someone in the congregation shot him. If that person hadn't have been there, just think what would have happened.

    People should definitely have the right to carry in church.

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    i know a number of ministers who have a handgun in their pockets every time they step behind the pulpit.

    In fact once, one of them had an S&W Chief's Special tucked in his waistband without a holster. When he raised the offering the revolver slipped down his leg, bounced off his foot and went skittering across the floor. The congregation nearly fell out of their pews laughing.

    I won't say what I do, all I will say is "Be discrete, and don't get caught."

    You are right, all too often churches and church-goers are targeted by thugs because they are probably unarmed. I also dislike the idea of leaving a gun in the car while in church. Too many cars get broken open during church services, in search of guns and other goodies. I've also known of people to return from church, unarmed, to find their home burglarized and sometimes with the criminals still in the house I knew one family in that situation who were massacred, husband, wife, two daughters and a son, all brutally raped and murdered.

    Be discrete. Don't get caught.

    Remember what jesus told his Disciples

    Luke 22:

    35Then Jesus asked them, "When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?"

    "Nothing," they answered.

    36He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

    Doc Hudson

    Source(s): Seeker, Read your Bible a little more closely. We are commanded to lay down our lives in the service of God, not to allow some criminal to steal our lives. Luke 11:21 (King James Version) 21When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: Donald, In times gon by, men were not only allowed to carry their guns to church, they were required to do so. Those old pioneers knew that a church could be attacked as easily as anywhere else. Doc
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    Someone coming into a church and killing is horrible. I think however that it is the tradition in most churches that no firearms be present during a service. But these days there should be some in the church to provide security. The question does arise though about gunplay inside the church. In additon if there was any question about the use of force, it could reflect on the cause of Christ in general. It is an interesting question.

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    I always thought about this I serious when I say what's stopping a few sick people from bursting threw the doors with a few handguns or sawed off shotguns and making off with all the money, gold, and other valuables? In a right world it would be a few .45, 9mm, .357/.38, .40 bullets fired from the guns if law abiding church goers.

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    you may have the right to carry a gun in church, but if you really feel that you need one, the priest or minister is not doing a very good job. Church should be a sacred place free form any violence or need for any weapons.

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    "Should law abiding citizens have the right to carry guns in church?"

    Whether they should or not, they already have that right. It was granted by God and is protected, at least in theory, by the U. S. Constitution.

    Unfortunately, some of our malfeaseant politicians apparently haven't read the Constitution and have passed laws that violate both the Constitution and our basic civil rights.


    Source(s): 33 years shooting 29 years cop 25 years cop firearm instructor
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