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What does Android Gmail mean by 'Synchronization'?

I just got an Android cell phone and Gmail has the option to synchronize certain days. I can have certain labels sync every 1 day or 7 days, etc. What does this mean? Does it download my email to my phone? Or is it all stored on Google servers and just accessed wirelessly? I still get notifications immediately after I get an email and can read it.

If it downloads to my phone, where does it save?

Any help clarifying would be great! I have never had a phone like this and had email sync, so all details are helpful. Thanks so much!! ^^

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    1 decade ago
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    yes synced is downloaded.. it's hardly noticeable..

    if your account it synced 4 days, anything within 4 days will be on your phone. anything more than for days will get the 'loading' screen for about 1-2 seconds while it downloads the email..

    i guess it could be used to look over old emails while on a plane, or somewhere else you can't use your phone..

    it's in one of the folders in a proprietary file, i believe, so you couldn't just open it from there.. it would just be garbage data..

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