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When does the majority of ebay bidding bidding happen?

When does the majority of bidding actually take place?

is it in the last few hours of the listing?


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    I usually do mine in the last 20 seconds. Put in my max bid and let it go.

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    Yes, even the last few minutes. The theory behind that is if you bid several days prior to the end of bidding you're just running up the bid. In the last few minutes, people can only bid so much and the time will be up. Also, only a certain number of people will be watching the auction in the last few minutes so you can get a really good price on something if you wait.

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    while an eBay merchandise has a purchase It Now value and additionally an Or Make A Bid determination, meaning that the seller has set a value to purchase it now and has additionally set a hidden minimum value they're going to settle for for an merchandise. If an merchandise is listed at $500 and you bid $50, eBay will make the seller attentive to the bid, yet there is extremely NO criminal accountability for the seller to sell the item for $50, till that meats or exceeds the seller's hidden minimum value. If an merchandise is listed for $500 and the hidden minimum value is $50 or much less, the item would be offered in simple terms because it may in a conventional public sale, to the optimal bidder over the minimum value, on the top of the ordinary public sale era, that's in many cases the two 7 or 10 days. If an merchandise is listed at BIN $500 and you bid $50, you're dropping it gradual. in case you bid $350 or larger, you need to have of undertaking of triumphing the item..

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    Most of the time people wait until the last day to bid. Don't know why that is. I'm glad they added the new "Watcher" feature. I've had people start "watching" my item just a few hours after I've listed it, but they wait until the auction is about to end before they bid. One time my auction ended & there were no bids. Then a lady contacted me & said she had forgotten to bid & asked if I could relist it. I did, but I raised the price. She still bought it, though.

    Me personally, if I see something I like & the price is good, I will bid on it immediately. I don't wait until the last minute.

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    The last 2 minutes.

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    yes. If you chose to make it a preferred listing you will get more visibility and increase your chances of higher bids. If you're selling something of value I highly suggest making it a preferred listing.

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    usually yes, in the last hours of the listing

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    statistically speaking, it happens at starts to climax at exactly 46.11 seconds till ending.

    Source(s): Math professor at Massachusetts institute of technology
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