Port forwarding same port with two different IPs?

How do I open the same port with two different IPs. I need to open port 28960 so Modern Warfare 2 can allow me to host games. However me and my brother use the same router but have different IPs and only one of us can use that port. How do we both open it.

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  • Adrian
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    1 decade ago
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    You cannot port forward to more than one LAN IP address. There is no way for the router to know which IP it is to send a packet to. It's the same idea as playing catch with a baseball, two of your friends say "throw it to me" at exactly the same time. Both HAVE to get the ball in order to play, but you only have one ball, and how do you decide which to throw it to? You can't....

    If you can configure an alternate port for the game, you could forward that instead, but otherwise, nothing you can do about it. Even intelligent routers cannot determine what to do with a random packet coming from the internet - going to port "xxx", unless it has a single destination. Port forwarding is for unsolicited incoming packets...not for regular connections from your PC to the server. Make sure you really need port forwarding to play the game...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love COD4. A software port is a virtual gateway into your computer, where an application can look for data. For instance, if I'm running a MySQL database server on port 3306, then the MySQL application running on my computer will periodically look there for any data packets sent over the network to port 3306 at my specific IP address.

    Usually you don't need to open a port. The application will do it automatically, but I really don't know in this case.

    You and your brother must open those ports though to send each other game data.

    Down the road, it may be necessary to disable your firewall or add the port to the list of exceptions. And, you may need to enable fort forwarding in your router, by using the administrative tool. Usually, you can get to that tool by entering the address of your default gateway into the address bar of your browser. You can find that address by opening (windows) the command prompt and typing 'ipconfig /all'. It's usually something like '' or ''. Good luck.

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  • freman
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    3 years ago

    a million. No 2. that is why it isn't 3. they don't. information superhighway SERVERS listen on port 80. The port the reaction is shipped to is dynamically dispensed via the networking stack on the client and blanketed contained in the low factor TCP/IP information 4. because the port can in simple terms be forwarded to one pc, in simple terms the single which's forwarded to will recieve the request.

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