When Im going to Walt Disney World?

Im going to Disney World in the spring for the first time and I had a few questions about the park. I have checked the website but it is unclear to me:

When you buy a ticket is it for the entire Walt Disney Park?

What does the park hopper pass do?

How much time does it take to go through each park?

How many days does it take to go through all the parks?

Which of the theme parks are the best? (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, etc.)

Thats about all, is there anything else I should know about the park?

Thank you!!!!!!

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    The tickets you buy are for any of the WDW parks. The base ticket allows you to enter one park per day for each day you have the tickets. For example, if you buy a 3 day pass and go the the Magic Kingdom, for that day you are ONLY allowed to go to the Magic Kingdom.

    The Park hopper gives you the most freedom, and it is totally worth the extra money. Basically you can come and go as you please, going to multiple parks in one day. My family and I like to hit one park in the morning then a different one in the evening. It also saves you in terms of crowds, for example we usually go over Easter Break (and will be going during Easter again this year!) We entered the Magic Kingom on our last visit, and by the time we got over to the main area of the park we found the park was REALLY crowded. So, instead of fighting the crowds, we left the park and hopped on the monorail to Epcot, where it was very much less crowded. You can ONLY do something like that with a park hopper.

    Each park takes as much time as you need. If you REALLY push it you can do the Magic Kingdom in a day to day and a half, Epcot in two, Disney Studios in a day, and Animal Kingom in a day or so. That is without hitting all of the attractions, and making some sacrifices. We usually go for 8 or 9 days, that is usually enough to hit everything we want in all the parks, plus spend time in Downtown Disney and the water parks.

    As for which park is the best, it depends on what your looking for. In my opinion (with some input from my 14 year old daughter and 9 year old son):

    1. Magic Kingdom - most fun with the best classic rides. Space Mtn., Thunder Mtn. Railroad, Splash Mtn., Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean are all two or three rides each, minimum.

    2. Disney Studios - most fun OVERALL. Some of the best rides in all of Disney, with the Rock 'N' Roller coaster, Star Tours, and The Great Movie ride. Plus the best shows, like Muppetvision 4D, Indiana Jones Stunt Show, Extreme Stunt Show, Backlot tour, and Fantasmic.

    3. Epcot - most interesting. Not only are there outstanding rides like Soarin' and Test Track, but you also have the extra added bonus of the World Showcase and some of the tours in Futureworld. And you can't beat the food, a whole international buffet, basically!.

    4. Animal Kingdom - most relaxing, except for Expedition Everest. You can sit and chill on Kilimanjaro Safari, then take the walking tour through Asia and see the animals. A couple of pretty good shows too. We usually spend a day here, but not much more than that unless we are going back to hit Expedition Everest one more time.

    If you pinned me down and I had to pick my favorite, I don't think I could pick a clear number one. In reality, it depends on what your looking for. I would suggest checking out another source, check out the disboards. The disboards is a message boards type website that is all about going to Disney. You can get resort reviews, tips for avoiding crowds as well as advice and opinions on what to see and do, even going as far as up to the minute trip reports and itineraries. I learn something new each time I log on, and we are coming up on trip number 16!

    Hope this helps, have a great trip!

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    When you buy a ticket is it for the entire Walt Disney Park?

    There are four Disney parks, if you have a one park ticket you can use it any ONE disney park and you can only return to that same park within the same day, however, if you have the Park Hopper option you can use the ticket at multiple parks within the same day if you want to go from park to park.

    What does the park hopper pass do?

    The Park Hopper add on allows you to visit multiple parks within the same day where as with a regular ticket you can only visit one park per day but you can still visit a different park each day, you just cant go from park to park within the same day.

    How much time does it take to go through each park?

    Magic Kingdom and Epcot both require a full day each as they are the largest parks with the most attractions and generally stay open later than the other parks. Epcot is the largest park so allow yourself extra time to work your way around. Both also have nighttime firework shows. Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are both smaller and can be done in about half a day.

    How many days does it take to go through all the parks?

    Four days for four parks. Also give yourself an extra vacation day to relax and enjoy your resort facilities as multiple days of parks can be very exhausting.

    Which of the theme parks are the best? (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, etc.)

    Epcot is my personal favorite, it has alot to offer including the World Showcase which is a park in itself and has one of the best firework shows.

    Look through the Disney website as there is good info on there, especially if its your first time:


    Have Fun!

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    1. You can buy tickets for any park you choose, or do a park hopper (see below)

    2. The park hopper allows you to go from park to park in the same day. With a regular ticket, you have to stay in that one park the whole day. (When we went, we didn't have that option, and were perfectly fine)

    3. The time can all vary. If you are going during spring break, times will be much longer than if you went on a regular day. It also depends on how you use your FastPass's.

    4. About one day in each park should be a good amount of time.

    5. It depends on your interest. Epcot- Good for ages 45+

    Magic- Good for families

    Animal Kingdom- Good for ages 6-15

    MGM- Good for ages 13-21

    It is best to get a hotel on Disney property. They tend to be slightly more expensive, but the benefits are great. For one, everyday, one park opens early or closes late. That is only available to residents of one of those hotels. Everyone else has to wait for normal park hours.

    Source(s): Personal Disney World Experience
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    You can buy tickets to whichever park you want to visit.

    I think the park hopper pas is a better deal, because you can "hop" from park to park.

    I would plan a full day to see each of the parks. You may be able to see everything you want to in less than a day, but that would be pushing it, especially if you have never been before.

    I enjoyed all of the parks, but would recommend Magic Kingdom first and foremost. I thought that EPCOT was a great learning experience, and MGM and Animal Kingdom are just plain fun!

    Just make sure to take comfortable shoes, and check the weather (in case you want to take a small poncho or umbrella in case of rain). The food & drink there is quite expensive, so be prepared.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!!

    Source(s): Personally visited all the parks on three different vacations.
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    GET THE PARK HOPPER PASS!! all the parks are separated and if you get the park hopper pass you can trade parks through out the day and it is so much better TRUST ME you will want to trade parks to find out the ones you like and stick to those ones go with 5 days cuz then you will have a good amount of time to go through all the park.

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    A Magic Your Way base ticket is good for admission into any of the 4 main Disney parks. Once you use it to enter a park, you can not visit another park that day. Adding the hopper option allows you to visit other parks that same day.

    The number of days it take to do each park depends on several factors including crowd levels, park closing time, and whether you are staying oon site (onsite guest get extra hours in the parks).

    I will give our Dec schedule to give you an idea:

    Sun Disney Hollywood Studios opening- closing (included the 3 hr evening EMH for on site guest)

    Mon: Magic Kingdom: opening- closing (included the 3 hr evening EMH for on site guest)

    Tues; Disney Quest, Downtown Disney and resort pool

    Wed: Animal Kingdom opening- closing (included the 3 hr evening EMH for on site guest)

    Thur: Magic Kingdom EMH opening- 3pm Disney Hollywood Studios 3:30-7(?) to finish up the shows we did not get to see and to re-ride Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.

    Fri: Epcot opening- closing (included the 3 hr evening EMH for on site guest)

    We really could have used another 2-3 ours each at Animal Kingdom and Epcot. When we have stayed longer we usually end up spending 2 days in MK and Epcot.

    It would reallly be hard for me to pick a best park. I really love them all.

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    1. No, it's only for the park where you purchased the ticket from.

    2. The park hopper allows you to "hop" from one park to the next.

    3. Approximately the whole day.

    4. A whole week at least.

    5. In my opinion it's Magic Kingdom, because it's truly Walt Disney World's main attraction, with the Cinderella castle and all.

    6. If you are planning on staying at a hotel at WDW, I suggest you stay at All Star Music or Pop Century because it is affordable and comes with benefits. You get free transportation around the WDW Resort by bus, boat, or monorail. Also, going to the parks and free parking at the parks are required. In addition to staying on Disney property, I highly suggest the Basic Dining Plan. You might have to pay for it, or you may get it for free, depending on if Disney has it for free in the spring. But anyway, even if you don't, it's still worth it! You get 1 counter service and I believe two sit-down restaurant meals. At every meal you get an entree and a dessert. Check Disney site for more info.

    I've attached more info on the Dining Plan here:


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    You buy tickets for each individual park.

    A park hopper ticket allows you to visit all the park.

    I would allow a couple days for each park. Or a week to 10 days for the entire thing.

    Everyone has the park they like best. I like Epcot.

    What you should know is to bring a lot of bucks.

    Also you can save a bundle of money by not staying in a Disney Hotel, instead stay somewhere on Rt 192 in Kissimmee. Also find a cast member. They can get you in for free on their cast member passes! Do a little bit of networking. The discount tickets you will find for sale on the street, actually do save you money on tickets.

    Source(s): I live about 15 minutes from the Mouse and my family members work there.
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    I have not been there since my children were young, but if it is still the same, the ticket is for the entire park. I think the park hopper pass is so you can catch the tram from your car to the gate. It would take at least 3 days to go through the whole park, and you must walk. I do not think we ever saw it all. It is really beautiful, even the landscaping. It is all so amazing. I think the Haunted House is a must-see. I do not want to tell you about that. It is so great.

    Source(s): Been there three times.
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    No it is for Disney World only

    Park Hopper pass is to go between parks

    I would give about half a day to each park

    4 days?

    All of them rock!

    Everyone calls it Disney world not walt disney world. Have fun!

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