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My strange acting PUG last night.?

The other night my 3 year old pug, woke me up in the early morning hours because it sounded like a race was going on in my bedroom. So as i woke up I found my pug cross eyed, swaying left to right, and acting like he was lost. Could he be possessed? When I had called out to him he looked at me and instead of walking normally towards me, he was crawling. After I had picked him, he just snapped out of what he was feeling. Could he been sleep walking or dreaming, but wide eyed. Please help with any comments or advise.

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    OK. This is a serious issue with pugs. My pug died in July this year by what is called Pug Dog Encephalitis. It is a condition only pugs get.

    Also, may have eaten something that had poision to the system.

    A vet visit is in order, my pug that died acted that way a couple weeks before dying.

    I am not kidding, issues with pugs is not a funny thing to me at all.

    Source(s): MaggieChanPug May 12 2004 to July 19 2009 also go to pug.meetup.com and tap on the message board, lots of owners, show dog owners,handlers talk there all day long all year long about pugs.
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    Sounds like he had a seizure. You will need the vet. There are meds to control it. Good luck

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    I would take him to the vet. He could have had a siezer. Maybe he is losing his sight.

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