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Gum Bad For My Braces?

A few weeks ago i got my braces. I've been doing my best to follow the directions i was given, but one thing really bugs me. they said I'm allowed to take sugarless gum and things with sugar (except gum). What i don't understand is: what will gum with sugar do to my braces?


Thanks for the advice.

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    Gum with sugar is a lot more sticky than sugar free gum, so more likely to get stuck in your brackets. If you do chew gum though and this happens, rub peanut butter over where the gum is stuck and brush your teeth. It will come off!

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    I have braces and I chew gum all the time and nothing has ever happened to my braces or my teeth. The only reason that i think they would say that is because it could cause cavities but so can everything else with sugar. But when i go into the orthodontist, they always comment on how nice my teeth look so I wouldnt worry about it if i were you. But just do make sure to brush and floss your teeth really good after doing this.

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    I went down the same road. Its really easy for sugar and other "nasty things" to get missed when brushing when you have braces. It's easy for your braces to gather all this and can lead to teeth staining and plaque buildup. With gum, your chewing is pushing all that sugar in these hard to reach areas around the braces.

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    gum can get stuck to the braces and it also loosens the wire. the sugar in soda unsticks the glue that the orthodontist uses to glue on your braces. my orthodontist told me that drinking soda is not bad, but i can only have it every once in a while. he said by once in a while he meant like two times a month.

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