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Will the BBC have to pay the barmaid 'Tracey' extra because she said three words out loud in tonight's episode?


Kingdiana: I thought June Brown had been off playing in 'The Calendar Girls'?!?

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    I'm very sure Jane "Tracey" Slaughter gets paid a lot anyways but even extra for tonights episode.

    Just to say, have you wondered why June "Dot" Brown hasn't been on much? Its because her salary is huge and as such has been cut tremendously to save money.

    EDIT: Thats what I thought too, but I dont really see that her scenes would be cut due to the economy when you have such a National Treasure as Barbara Windsor still performing for the Cameras at Elstree, so Calendar Girls makes more sense.

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    I don't think I could be in eastenders for years and only have the occassional line.

    I mean look at how Janine spoke to her and Trace just stood there looking stupid,

    If it was anyone else in The east end of London they'd have smacked her in the Maaaff (mouth but with pathetic added accent)

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    Yeah every extra gets paid I honestly don't know why Tracey wasn't turned into a main character considering she's been in it for years.

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    All extra's get paid, whether they speak or not. It depends on how the contract for the role was written, she will probably get extra though.

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