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23 and doing nothing with my life?

well as i said i'm 23 and doing nothing with my life anyways:

i have no job (had atleast 25 and quit them all) (various reasons)

never had a girlfriend (cause i have no game) + a virgin (no confidence)

overweight 250pds 6'2

not in school (college or uni)

no direction in life

have the same old friends (no social network)

no skills or experience in anything

nothing interests me (literally)

NOT depressed or slow/retarded

i'm just an average 23 year old male who's doing nothing and have no help (i've asked for help) to further myself in life or society (btw i'm not suicidal) i just figure what's to point to life when life left me behind awhile ago.

so if anyone has any advice please tell me! thanks.

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    awww hun it sounds like you're at a really depressing point in your life..honestly i've been there & i know this is gonna sound lame but HAVE HOPE!!! you are ONLY 23, you have a looong time left. get out there, make something of yourself! i would really recommend going back to college or university but you really don't have to if you don't want to. about your weight, it isn't like EXTREMELY bad- i would hit the gym. trust me at first you'll be tired but then you'll learn to love it. in less than a year you'll be in amazing shape. you really should either go to school (find something you're interested in learning about) or get a job. for example i'm only 19 but i have a job at a clothing store part time- QUITE easy to get & its only minimum wage but i get by (with some help from the parents lol). just start small & work your way up. you just need to find something that gets the juices flowing in your body LOOOL you know makes you excited. also once you have a job you'll have a new place to socialize with new people. you'll also have money to go out clubbing or whatever and meet girls. just get your life together, you gotta put in a lot of effort at first (you might not see results as fast as you like but do not give up!!!), a couple months later you'll realize WOW things are really looking much better. trust me, been there, done that! good luck!

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    You want an honest answer? Quit with the poor me routine. Get off your @ss and find something that interests you. You want friends, a girlfriend or new relationships? Who is going to want to spend time with you if you don't even find yourself interesting. As far as not being depressed, I think you're wrong there. Depression comes in many forms. You my friend are not just an average 23 year old male. What the hell is "average" anyways? Life did not leave you behind, you just never got on the boat with the rest of us. You're still sitting at the dock waiting for something to happen. It doesn't work that way. Challenge yourself to do something different, no matter how lame or stupid it might seem to you at the time. Start with small steps, it will be frustrating as hell at first, but once you get a momentum going, before you know it you'll find that you do have a life, you do have interesting things to say, you do have ambitions. Get of the dock and come swim with the rest of us.


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    Find somthing that interests you!

    Do you like sports? music?

    Maybe try going to a sports bar and socialize with the people there.

    Maybe plan to go out with a couple of friends and strike up conversations with women.


    Find the women you want to be with the rest of your life, then sex.

    Men who go and sleep around are just more likely to get stds and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    A job is a def. though.

    Doesn't matter where you work though.

    I once knew a girl who was like you, wasn't doing much in life and just needed a job.

    She got a job at sonic and now owns a franchise of sonics and own a mansion!

    its all about being focused and happy!

    trust me!

    Find what and who you love and life will be great!

    Source(s): EARTH>
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    if you're in the US, you could always look into a program like Americorps or Jobcorps.

    Americorps is a paid volunteering organization that can give you money for school and help you find your place in your community. Also you get a monthly stipend and qualify for food stamps, with most contracts. contracts last about a year, and i believe the application deadlines are coming up soon. This might be worth looking into (it's better than joining the military...)

    Source(s): www.americorps.gov/ www.jobcorps.gov/
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    Well every human has at least one interest find out what you like the most whether it is computers, sports , video games

    and try and find any job fast food is probably all u can get even people that is in a better situation can't get a job

    I would go to church

    God has a plan for you you just got to figure it out

    well good luck

    have a nice day

  • Kay
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    10 years ago

    I would say, start going back to school even just take a class or two at the local community colege. This will help you find your interests and meet new people.

    I kind felt the same as you but I just started taking classes this semester and I feel better already.

    ps... I did have to pay for school out of pocket. You have to work at it but it worth it.

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    Go to college.

    You will get an education which will lead to a job in a field that you have interest in, and you will expand your social network, get more friends, and meet tons of chix. Make sure you live on campus. You can be the cool older guy who buys everyone beer.

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    10 years ago

    Hehe, you're funny. "NOT slow/retarded"

    I have the same problem, i'm lazyyy, and sometimes nothing interests me.

    go to the gym, loose weight, pick a subject that interests you and go to school for it, so you can get a job you like and actually keep it. make friends at school, go to bars/clubs whatever to meet friends/girls, do online or speed dating if you have to. make a list of cool things you want to do, or just plain fun things and do them! your 23, LIVE IT UP. go skydiving, go diving with sharks, do something crazy for gods sake! let the adrenaline rush through your veins and wake you up!! you've only got one life, make it count (btw, having someone by your side makes life a lot more fun/interesting/worth living).

    btw you sound like a cool dude, just by the way you talk, your just unmotivated. you have to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

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    Are you happy? If not, it sounds like you have plenty of time to think about what you want to do with your life. Think long and hard and try to find just one thing to change about yourself and put all your effort into it See how that makes yous feel.

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    Stop expecting everyone Else to come up the answers and start thinking up some of your own. At the very worst, you get the answer wrong and make what you initially think is a mistake, but at least you will be doing something!

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